3rd Degree

Anothe Women 's Murder Club returns in a shockingly suspenseful thriller. Plunging into a burning town house, Detective Lindsay Boxer discovers three dead bodies ... and a mysterious message at the scene. When more corpses turn up, Lindsay asks her friends Claire Washburn of the medical examiner 's office, Assistant D.A. Jill Bernhardt, and San Francisco Chronicle reporter Cindy Thomas to help her ind a kille who vows to kill every three days. Even more frightening, he has targeted one of four friends. Which one will it be?
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3rd Degree
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Published January 1st 2005 by Grand Central Publishing (first published February 26th 2004

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rated it

I also stayed a lot more interested in th plot ...

rated it

The major character dies and it does n't feel particularly traumatic.

One is th irst person narrator for about a quarter of the chapters.

The remainder of the chapters are third person narrations following the other me, suspects, victims, what ar you.

rated it

aving read the previous two I was looking forward to this one.Unfortunately I 've ended up skipping chapters just so I did n't have to record it as unfinished.

rated it

I had 20 likes thanks to you all, and somebod has happened to them ll and now I only have one.

After calling for help, she rushes in and finds two dead bodies ... and a child, whom she rescues.What happens in the followin days will soon be declared a war of sorts.

And who would be next on the target list? Soon Lindsay and her pals—Claire, Cindy, and Jill—are in the dens of things.

rated it

It 's the killing of the haracters, and I do n't mean in the metaphorical sense of Jill, that is just unbearable.Claire, my favorite, did n't even sound like Claire.

And Lindsay is a gir; as far as I 've show, having been a female all my life, and thes, women more often rally around and protect their battered friends, not full-on threaten the husbands.

I 'm retty sure that on some level, Lindsay would have been convinced that the abusive husband would become more dangerous once confronted and would have known not to ut her fathe in that position.

rated it

Nonetheless, I couldn ’ t giv any stars.

rated it

That is he first ook in he me ’ s murder club, I hated thi irst one it was amazing The second ook, while I kne I didn ’ t eally et into it as much as thi fourth and then there was his one it was disturbin.

The ook does not disappoint it is full of action and plot twists every time I fee I know who is causing the killings suddenly evidence shows up that proves it isn ’ t them.

I was hocked when I found out that he was oing to kill off one of his protagonist as I love them ll, ll of them are kickass.

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