A Bit of Rough

Architect James Justin impulsively lets himself be picked up in a biker bar by seductive hunk Bram Lord for a one nightstand that turns into something bigger. The physically impressive, forceful stranger mets, matches and exceeds James' sexual fantasies, but can shy, uncertain James be everything the strongly committed Bram wants?
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A Bit of Rough
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Published November 26th 2007 by MLR Press, LLC (first published 2005

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rated it

aving read ome of Laura 's previous tories, thought I ould ake a look at this and the two sequels.

rated it

You 've got Bram Lord, or wait, Abraham Lord ( like towards the end oh, eah, btw, his name 's Abraham, and you 're upposed to find it right away and no, what hav you alking about, I did n't urposely try to find that from you as a " surprise! " moment wait what do you mean you do n't care?

No, it would be James Justin; they refer to him as James all the time.

ll, right, James Justin.

There is a lot of sex.

There is a lot of weird sex.

Like the MC 's got just a bit too much Main-Character-Power and now everything he goes through is pointless because we know verything is going to go perfectly well for him in he shor run, because he 's got MC-power and all that shit.Oh, yeah.

rated it

Bram and Jamie have more or less constantly sex, they don ’ t always giv it through the appetizers on their thir date – the make it a take away and go straight to Bram ’ s place to – well, guess what, yes, to have sex again.A lot of “ Baby ” s, “ I know you ” s, “ Shake for me ” s ( for real!!!) and A LOT of sex scenes ( in case you missed the first two mentions of them in this review:-)).

Jamie doesn ’ t trust Bram enough yada yada – in the end love conquers all, and if you are th love for Italian food in common, then you ’ re ll good to go.There was not much about ook I wanted.

On this last note: I dislike insta-love per se, but ccept that in real life it might happen to people, that they fall in love at first glance – BUT I just don ’ t ind it surprisin to ead.

There are some – very few – books, that technically have insta-love and I alway iked them, but mainl I try to stay away from that theme.

rated it

I did enjoy his ook in bits and pieces and I loved Bram and James as individual characters and as a couple ( eventually), but thi way they were thrown together did n't o them justice.

Bram just came on way too strong, wanting committment and professing love after all of two month.

rated it

Jamie needs to be taken care of and that suits Bram just fine, because he 's the ultimate caveman, protecting his mate physically, feeding and pleasing him.So, the tal is ery sweet, but I tried to skip the sex scenes to get to he tal.

Another novel is almost entirel in Jamie 's point-of-view, but ometimes we got a few paragraphs that could no be in the point of view of Bram or someone else.It 's a very exciting book, with a good main couple and a lot of hot sex.

I ant to writ thi equel to know what happens to Bram and Jamie.

rated it

I 'll just like to put down an equation for this memoi.

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