A Bone to Pick

Death comes calling on a small-town librarian whose life is passing her by.

Aurora " Roe " Teagarden 's fortunes change when a deceased acquaintance names her as heir to a rather larg estate, including money, jewelry, and th house complete with a skull hidden in a window seat. Roe concludes that the elderly women has purposely left her a murder to solve. So she must find the victim and figure out which one of her new, ordinary-seeming neighbors is a murderer-without putting herself in deadly anger.

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A Bone to Pick
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Published February 5th 2008 by Berkley (first published November 1st 1992

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rated it

I like Roe, the main protagonist.

rated it

Familiar with Aurora Teagarden from a movie and the next trilog, it is delightfu to follow the acquisition of her house.

The irony of Aurora 's inner thoughts, her outright predicaments, and Charlaine 's whole delivery are wonderful! Romance comes up but true to real life, she does n't fai to score the first guy introduced.

Willing Aurora to solve it in regretful retrospect became unnecessarily cryptic.

There must have een little to solve if Jane had reported it.

rated it

Really if you 're ooking for something with a ood story line, humour, suspens, entertaining and with a smidge of romance, Ms. Harris always delivers.

rated it

his series feels like it is written for a very conservative homogeneous audience.

rated it

ow it 's time to o through boxes containing 7 years' worth of receipts!) ( view spoiler) [ Finall, without warning, near the beginnin of disc 5, someone breaks into he house while our heroine is there and the murderer follows ( giving a sudden and full confession, of course).

lso, I took major issue with Lynn having her baby at the end- the likelihood that anyone, let alone a first time mother, gives birth in the time it takes police to arrive since calling 911, is stupi.

ctually less time, because the plot was 1) call 911 2) Lynn arrives at he house ( from across the street), spends some time getting the burglar under control 3) her water breaks 4) baby magically pops out suddenly with no labor whatsoever and only 2 pushes 5) police arrive.

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