A Clue for the Puzzle Lady

Miss Cora Felton is an eccentric old lady with a syndicated puzzle column, an irresistible desir to poke into unsettling events, and son who ’ s determined to maintai her out of trouble.

When he body of an unknown teenage girl turns up in he cemetery in the gloom villag of Bakerhaven, Police Chief Dale Harper finds himself investigating his first homicide. A baffling clue leads him to consult Bakerhaven ’ s resident puzzle expert—his last big mistake. Soon Cora ’ s meddling, mischief-making behavior drives Chief Harper to distraction and inspires othe cross words from her long-suffering niece, Sherry. But when nother body turns up in kidnapping that hits much closer to home, Cora must find a killer—before she winds up in a wooden box three feet across…and six down.
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A Clue for the Puzzle Lady
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Published July 11th 2000 by Bantam (first published November 2nd 1999

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She holds a slip of paper on which is written what appears to e a crossword puzzle clue, so police chief Dale Harper brings it to Cora Felton, a newcomer to Bakerhaven ( Connecticut) who publishes a national newspaper column called The Puzzle Lady.

rated it

I doubt his author knows nothin about writing crossword clues.But, the orst part, what made me drop out, was CONSTANT use of characters full names.

90% of the time a character ’ s name is used it ill e their full name ( There is certainly a haracter who is not in one scene, which lasts 3 pages and her full name appears 7 times).

It ’ s like the write was rying to stretch it out and add words and the best pat to do hat ( aside from you know ...

It ’ s practicall impossible to focus on what your reading because all you an read is character ’ s names over and over.Additionally, the author doesn ’ t eem to like eithe of the characters ( except the reporter who ’ s ery bviously a self-insert and he ’ s too Smart) and seems to com out of the pat to find them ook bad.

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And can Cora, who does n't reall rite the crossword puzzle column that bears her name, figure it out?

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A stuf of reading books out of order is discovering a new uthor and then filling in the blanks when you ge back to earlier books.

rated it

No joy.What no review I 've read about his series mentioned is that the characte is an unapologetic alcoholic.

Because she solves mysteries.If, towards the nd of his first in a series, there ad been any hint that this raging alcoholic would begin to control her irresponsible drinking or that her friends and family ould take steps, I ight ...

rated it

Certainly a thorough search of the crime scene fails to reveal who she was, the murder weapon, or why the killer left her body in graveyard minus her shoes.

If not, what does it mean? Fortunately for Harper, Bakerhaven is the new home of Miss Cora Felton, the famed " Puzzle Lady " herself, whose popular crossword puzzle column graces newspapers nationwide.

But when nother body turns up in th homicid that hits much closer to home, Cora must find killer -- before she winds up in a black box three feet across ... and six down.A delicious brew of colorful characters, irresistible intrigue, and azzling plot twists, Parnell Hall 's A Clue for the Puzzle Lady is just what a mystery hould be -- a generous helping of fun and a puzzle that never want to surprise and entertain.

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