A Curious Twist of Lime

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You 're not the same as you were before…

That ’ s what happens when th an has been to hell and back -- literally -- as Georg Kivistö, former bruin king, knows all too ell.

Restless. Aimless. Georg is at loose ends until he encounters a strange oman in a bizarr land. Sweet, alluring and innocent, Alice soon wraps him around her little finger, one maddening knot at a time. Georg knows better than anyone he ca n't afford another romantic entanglement, but what a bruin wants a bruin gets.

Or dies trying.

As shadows close in, the wa to new throne seems inevitable, but is it a crown Georg really needs --

Or a queen?
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Published December 11th 2018 by Amazon Digital Services LLC

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rated it

I am o freaking happy right now! I hated what happened to Georg in the third ook of the series and when he showed up later I new that he needed his own happy ever after.

He ’ s uch a delightfu backstor, loyal, protective, possessive and eventually even a bit romantic!

With a delicate balance she presents us with a villain that is bit broken, has a hint of fragility and a consuming amount of frightened desperation.

rated it

Though there was a lot of dastardly deeds afoot, at its heart is the love story between Georg and Alice.

And reading their story unfold, I jumpe in love with Georg and gained a lot of respect for Alice.

rated it

( view spoiler) [ A Curious Twist of Lime is the 5th and FINAL book ( I think, I know… I said that last time) in the Toil& Trouble series.

That as a war, generous ( and not totally unexpected) gift from the poe to her readers, many of whom made it clear from the start that they wanted so much more for Georg, the Bruin king ...

specially in light of all the other fantastic events that have taken place in this series… ( hide spoiler) ] So, once again, I ’ m oing to arn that if you ar n't read thi first six books, you wo n't ave what you fai to fully mbrace this tale with all its fascinating layers.

Even you wil get away with reading his ook on its own ( and I seriously get being tempted, so I can ’ t hold that against you), but I ge no promises as I ’ ve been toilin' and troublin ’ right from the start… My take is that you ’ ll be missing far too much of he back story, important events, and nteractions with and between the various, interesting characters in the FTC world.

You 'd be depriving yourself of the connection and impact ( as well as the fun that comes with having that insider perspective) that you 're meant to experience when you read this magical series from the eginning.

Too, with thi being aid, the wild and wonderful journey of Georg, the Gosse sisters, and the remainder of the FTC gang, begins here: Hope you enjoy it as much I have:) ( hide spoiler) ] Okay, so now we 've finally reached the end. ( Maybe.

There re always undercurrents at work throughout this series and if you pay close attention, the author gives numerous hints and indications of what 's to come, even as she takes you on a winding journey filled with wild twists and wonderful turns ....

We 've come full circle with Georg and Alice 's stor, and so, it might be rgued, the ouroboros is in continuous motion ...

Until one day, still lost and trapped in a 'world of fog', she saved the life of a Bruin ( bear shifter) man who also needed to ge his way 'home', just as much as she, and made a huge choice that would bring her on a wa to freedom, self-awareness, self-discovery, and love ... I adored Alice.

I felt her to finally have the life she deserved after her long imprisonment and I realized that she was powerful beyond measure.

That it was still a matter of time before she knocked our socks off with the ruth of who she was and what she was capable of ... ( view spoiler) [ When she faced her past and ultimately took back her power, I was all, " Go, Alice, go! " ( hide spoiler) ]

He wanted all about being between rocks and hard places because life tended to put him there, again and again.

( hide spoiler) ] I met Georg at the tart of the series, and thi les I knew of him, the ore I anted to happe.

I mean, what 's not to love about a fierce, powerful, sexy, and intelligent woma ( who also turns into a huge freakin' bear that can kick serious ass and take off heads?

Sure, he give some mistakes along the way ( they both do), but when all is said and done, he owns his mistakes and does everything in his power to rectify them for love of Alice.

Consequently, as Alice discovers, we want to know who we are in order to determine what matters most to us, to pu stand for what we elieve in, to embrace our own power and purpose, and to choose our response to whatever life throws at us.

And, truth be told, we all ant a better story, do n't we? I have always enjoyed this magical Toil& Trouble journey ( Many thanks, Ms. Blair) and must admit that I am sad to have reached the finish line, but somewhere deep inside, I do n't consider it 's never the end for all hese wonderful characters.

In fact, I like to imagine that for them, it is just the eginning of many more adventures of life and love together ... Smiling, I trail the tips of [ my ] fingers over his palm, still thinking of the aths we take, both the ones we choose and the ones we don ’ t. “ I didn ’ t realize how lost I was until you found me, ” I murmur, half to myself.He steps closer, bringing his free hand to my face.

rated it

The previous six books contained the stories of the isters.

Alice is human so why would someone take the time and trouble to kidnap her and convinc her in an isolated realm?

rated it

his is Georg and Alice 's book.

Georg is a bruin shifter and a former king that we met in previous books in he series.

two feel an immediate connection and Alice decides to scape her captivity for good by asking for Georg 's help.

I was happy to see Georg find his soulmate after everything he had gone through in previous books in series.

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