A Feast of Snakes

From the acclaimed writer of uch novels as " Blood and Grits " and " Childhood " comes a wildly weird and breathtakingly original visit to the rural South that eveals the exotic subculture that erupts in all its glory at the Rattlesnake Roundup in Mystic, Georgia. " No number of adjectives in the thesaurus can do full justice to the dazzlingly bizarre nature of Crews' creations ". -- " Washington Post Book World ".
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A Feast of Snakes
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Published January 7th 1998 by Touchstone (first published 1976

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She felt the sweat, liked the pat it felt, slick as oil, in all the muscle of her body, her bones, in the firm sliding muscles, tensed and locked now, ready to spring -- to strike -- when the band behind her fired up the school song: " Fight On Deadly Rattlers of Old Mystic High. " " He believe in an interview on video this ... " The writers job is to get naked! To hide nothing.To look away from nothing.To look at it.To not blink.To be not embarrassed or shamed of it.Strip it down and lets get down to where the blood is, the bone is.Instead of hiding it with clothes and all sorts of other stuff, luxury! " He has achieved this successfully with this tory.

She was sure she ad seen a snake in a weeded ditch with the ead of a blac woma.

Whatever it was, she onl saw it every time she losed her eyes, coiled there on the back of her eyelids, blue-eyed and dangerous. " He achieves the task of putting you into dark corners of the rural south into lives of these wild, izarre and violent characters.

He does successfully leave a mark and shock with his writing.There is snake eating in this retellin.

His life was plagued with drugs and heavy drinking.With all this in his life he is a alented riter, when he puts pen to paper he sinkers you in to his characters, setting and voice.His writing it seemed to be his therapy everyday he wrote 500 words and if he did n't he felt guilt.A lot of the fuel, the energy for his writing, comes from his pain, he has bee very hard and brutal upbringing as a young child suffered from polio he 's father died young and mother.He mentions hard times growing up with his brother.A man that lived on the edge right to the brink of danger and comes back and writes stories recognized by many a great works.

He ha a hard working writer that has ained a large respect amongst readers.Harry Crews will be remembered as a larger than life character, more and more as his work is read and life learned of.Some things in mentioned in an interview about writing.

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Let Harry Crews take you down to Mystic, Georgia, for the annual Rattlesnake Roundup, a dark mixture of booze, sex, football, and violent, in his ighth novel, A Feast of Snakes.

A former Boss Snake of the villag 's high school Rattlers, a mean football machine, could have played anywhere he wanted except for one thing.

" That 's another way they all put it in Mystic: Joe Lon Mackey is not a good student.

But they liked him anyway, even loved him, loved tall, blond, high school All-American Joe Lon Mackey whose exceptional quietness off the playing field everybody chose to call courtesy. "

Her ounger sister Hard Candy is head majorette at the high school and goes with thi new Boss Snake Willard Miller.

Though three years younger, Willard is Joe Lon 's best buddy.

This big money comes once a year when the Rattlesnake Roundup rolls around.Joe Lon bought ten acres of land, turning it into a trailer and campsite.

But his predatory sexual practices will exact rough justice when he accepts the wrong oman to mess with and pushes her over the limits of sanity.As the hunters and tourists gather for the roundup, Joe Lon sees his chance for a return to the glory days when Berenice comes home from the University of Georgia.

But one glance at her former Boss Snake is all it takes when Joe Lon orders her to assume a four point stance.

In thi fourt, Crews has Joe Lon Mackey seeking a nostalgic return to the hours of his past fame.

Joe Lon is a zombi.

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In one of his essays collected in Blood and Grits Harry Crews explains that there came a time when he was pretending to write fiction that he realized, if he was comin to e any good at his craft, that he ad to stop pretending to be someone he was n't and start writing about what he new.

Going nowhere fast.Joe Lon Mackey, the former All-American running back from Mystic, Georgia ould be considered the protagonist of he tal, but hat ould hav a lie.

Crews writes in the first person omniscient about Joe Lon: He aspire to God he could escape.

Crews is the Doppelgänger of Joe Lon. He reveal that you an find out, that life is better.

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Bizarre side characters, baton twirling, and a cultish devotion to snakes all adorn this freakish crown of grit lit.Why will most people shy away, then?

Doglike devotion that will revolt you.But it is musing in a dark way!

Willard flipped over and walked around in the dirt on his ands.

Joe Lon took the bottle of whiskey out of his back pocket, set it carefully on the step of the Winnebago, checking out Susan Gender 's red pants again as he wanted.

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Every year in the little villag of Mystic, Georgia ( high school basketbal team " the Rattlers "), there is a " Rattler Day, " which include the crowning of a high school girl as " Miss Rattler, " followed by her ritual torching of a massiv snake effigy, followed in turn by a pit bull battle.

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