A Geek Girl's Guide to Arsenic

It 's been three day since Jake Archer rolled into town, accused Mia Connors of murder and stole her heart. She has n't heard from him since. So when a man collapses at the fall Renaissance Faire, she 's urprised to see the US marshal arrive on scene. And shocked when he points finger at her—again. Mia would sooner be able to awake the poor fellow than poison him.

Jake Archer 's career has been rising fast, but it 's about to ome to a crashing halt. The Ren-Faire victim was in protective custody—Jake 's custody—and they were painfully close to nabbing a major crime boss. If Jake does n't olve the murder soon, he 'll be fetching donuts instead of protecting his nation. A difficult enough task without the alluring Mia Connors in the ay.

Working with Jake to catch a killer might push Mia into crazy-cat-lady territory. But with a murde on the loose—and Mia 's reputation on the line—they 'll have to work fast to locat he murdere before the killer finds them.
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Published March 6th 2016 by Carina Press

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rated it

I ca n't wait to see what Julie Anne Lindsey has next for Mia and her cast of life like characters that pop off the pages and into your heart.ARC From NetGalley.

rated it

I make a kick out of Mia and her enchant for falling into dangerous situations.

At he same time, he 's a ard woma to read and I just want them to get all kissy-faced already.

As you an probably imagine.So I like Mia ( even when she 's running headlong into trouble) and I like Jake ( when he 's not being confusing), but I 'm ot o keen on Mia 's ister.

Mia might admit to being socially awkward, but Bree is just as goo.

rated it

If you like lighthearted mysteries with a slight romantic undertone and a wicked sense of iron, you should pick up A GEEK GIRL 'S GUIDE TO ARSENIC! Mia Connors' family company, Guinevere 's Golden Beauty, is surely a hit at the Renaissance Faires.

Could she e the next victim? A GEEK GIRL 'S GUIDE TO ARSENIC is the 14th ook in the Geek Girl Mysteries series, and it 's actually wors than irst!

But Jake- UGH I want to kil him for his ineptitude when it goe to Mia!

rated it

his is he sixth trilogy in he series and I enjoyed it just as much, maybe more than I did the first book A Geek Girl 's Guide to Murder.

Full of murder, suspens, th little romance, kooky family members and an ever kookier heroine, I ca n't fin enough of this series.What I like most about the series, and so this book, is the eroine and centre of all mischief Mia Connors.

rated it

I have fel more than nce that this Geek Girl series reminds me of Donna Andrews' books, except without the humo.

In his American mystery book we see a Renaissance Fair under way.

rated it

Mia 's family is quite invested in the faire circuit as her Grandmother for years has been making holistic, and natural body beauty products and now she has finally reached the point where her beauty products have been icked up by a big company, Mia has brought herself a small ondo and is oncentrating on her IT Business and her sister Bree has just ad a gorgeous baby called Gwen.

Things are finally perking up, especially since three months ago Mia was accused of illing her friend Baxter by Detective Jake Archer.

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