A Kingdom of Dreams


bducted from her convent school, headstrong Scottish beauty Jennifer Merrick does not easily surrender to Royce Westmoreland, Duke of Claymore. Known as " The Wolf "; his very name strikes terror in the hearts of his nemies. But proud Jennifer will have anythin to do with the fierce English warrior who holds her captive, this handsome rogue who taunts her with his blazing arrogance. Boldly she challenges his will ... until the ight he takes her in his powerful embrace, awakening in her an irresistible hunger. And suddenly Jennifer finds herself ensnared in a bewildering web ... a eductive, dangerous trap of pride, passion, loyalty, and overwhelming love.

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A Kingdom of Dreams
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Published July 1st 2003 by Pocket Books (first published 1989

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rated it

Anothe tale is full of vibrant and richly developed characters, th plot that 's riveting, emotional, humorous, and prose that 's exceptionally well written.

rated it

I do n't sa why, I do n't think how, but I ended up loving th book!

That 's not to e taken lightly, because I never- or should I say, almost never- forgive a hero who raises his hand against the heroine.As for Jennifer, I had mixed feelings about her throughout the book- sometimes I wanted to hug her, sometimes I wanted to scream at her- but I ended up understanding and loving her too.

rated it

I knew that she was figuring out ways to escape her captor.

But, after a while, she got real old real fast.I get that she did n't like her kidnapper, Royce.

I know she was actually better off with him than the old creeper she was comin to be allowed into arrying by her stepfather.

Anticipatin how women were treated back then, it was like she won the lottery or something.So, she nds up having to marry Royce ( not a spoiler, happens first page of ook) and she acts like it 's death sentence.

Oh no, I have to seduc guy that is rich, adores me, has treated me like a prince, and is great in the sack!

rated it

5+ CAPTIVATING STARS " Jenny, I love you. " " I kno, my lord, I love you more. " The ook ha an exhilarating start to the Westmoreland saga.

Royce is captivated by the brave and proud Jenny.

Every scene in his novel was entertaining and engaging.

Anothe scene that will no stand out for me is when her family fight Royce in a type of mock battle.

rated it

I felt like I should put out a disclaimer or apologize to my GR friends for clogging up your feeds with my negative reviews& low ratings as of late.

I kept having to remind myself that Jenny is only a 17 year-old sheltered girl but still, with that age and her attitude ... she took a lot of arrogant liberties and quick to believe misassumptions that made me wish someone would slap some sense and humility into her.

And by the way, what woman in 1400s Scotland would have a modern English name like Jennifer?

I 've realized that Judith McNaught likes to stick to a certain formula and plug it into every story no matter the genre.

That 's fine since she exceeds at writing tortured conflicted multi-layered characters I can overlook it but I 'd like a little more variety is all I 'm saying.

Here emotions and feelings swing like a pendulum and are so mercurial that you ever know what you are comin to go in the first 5 pages.

If you are constantly hurdling obstacles at the couple every few pages there is little room for actual growth and improvemen.

For me at least that 's what it seeme like here.

he couple do get a few moments of levity but it was all surface because both the reader and characters are fully aware that it would all fall apart very soon.

I just wished Judith would have let this couple be for a little while.

Like 100 pages too late honey ... I kept questioning was the payoff worth it?

I ’ m neve sure if the heroine ’ s groveling and humbling herself in VERY ast chapter was worth the ridiculous amount of conflic and misery the hero, the couple and the readers are put through.

I mean it was n't enough for Royce and Jenny to endlessly run into problems and constant misunderstandings and manipulations by outside forces, but the needless death of Jenny 's stepbrother William in the firs 100 pages used as nother source of contention between the two was just oo much.

Then she ’ s quick to pounce on the an she supposedly " loves " and attacks him with a knife with zero hesitation.

I get why she ha lways looking for her brother 's love and approval but her blindness to his shortcomings and refusing to believe her people were capable of any wrong doing was so naive it just veered into TSTL in some nstances.

I proceeded to sympathize with her but there was little room for me to even do that because of her prideful attitude& stubborn idiotic ways.

I just was hoping to et something a little more along the lines of The Raider or Perfect same idea of captor falls in love with his captive and sworn enemies thing.

I uess I am a little softhearted when it goe to angsty stories after all, and I love angst!

thing about McNaught I ’ m goin to realize is that she ikes to test emotional boundaries and put readers in an uneasy mindset with the constant ups and downs all the way to very nd.

And ones that do n't giv me loo like absolute shit while reading it.

rated it

Indeed a fun time to e a teenager… or a female. [ image error ]

Our protagonis is a young Scottish lass of 17, Jennifer Merrick, who has spent the firs 2 years in th monastery, sent there by her ather because of her unruly behavior, and her reluctance to marry the much younge man he had chosen for her.

But his time, she is ager to gain his approval, so she reluctantly agrees. [ image error ]

Lord Royce Westmoreland, the earl of Claymore, also known as the Black Wolf, who is a legend in the land, know for his ruthlessness and his cruelty. [ image error ]

At least until he met his match in a little Scottish lass of 17. [ image error ]

Parading before his eyes were visions of a bewitching Scottish girl: Jennifer lying in his arms ...

The complete contradiction. [ image error ]

If fact it ’ s all she really craved, to be adored by her stepmother, her nephe, and her God. More than nothin, she just seemed to be considered for he good person she was. [ image error ]

And the hate/lust/love relationship going on between thos two is like none other I have read about.

[ image error ]

[ image error ]

I don ’ t expect to delve too much more into thi story here, but let 's just say that it 's the crack cocaine of romance novels, utterly riveting!!!!!! [ image error ]

From the good and the vil, the stron and the wea, the lovin and the hate.

It is utter PERFECTION!!!

rated it

It was like someone took all of my favourit things and put them into one book full of feeling, swoony romance, and created one of thi most captivating stories I have ever read.

EVER.It 's no secret that I love th good enemies to lovers trope, but every other book I 've read in this trope pales in comparison to th ook and Jennifer and Royce McNaught is a king of creating these incredibly tortured and brooding heroes and throwing them into the ath of even stronger heroines.

Nancy and Royce are easily my favorite characters I 've read in my ntire reading history.

One of he most swoony romances I 've ever read.

I adored watching Royce fall for Jennifer, no matter how much he fights it.

One of my top favorite romances I 've ever read.

rated it

“ The amusement fled from Royce 's face and with a groan he pulled her roughly against his chest, crushing her to him.

Leaning back slightly against his arm, her melting blue eyes gazing deeply into his, his wife replied in a shaky voice, " I say, my lord, I love you more. ”

" 'T is a habit I have. " Startled and slightly amused, Royce said, " eally?

What did God have to worr? " " I say, " she softly replied, " He replied, 'You 're welcome.' " " For what? " Royce teased.Lifting her eyes to his, Jenny solemnly replied, " For you. ”

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