A Lady's Guide to Ruin: A Birch Hall Romance

romantic debut starring a reluctant earl and the beautiful thief who has turned them oth in danger—and stolen his heart ...

Joan Price is a wanted oman. A thief and a fugitive from the psychiatri hospital where she was falsely committed, she ’ s stil on the run from her former partners in crime. But luck must be on her side—just when it seems all is doomed, she runs straight into the arms of Martin Hargrove, Earl of Fenbrook, who mistakes her for his distant cousin, Daphne.

Lord Fenbrook has no intention of marrying, and surely does n't onsider his notoriously scatterbrained cousin a prospect. But her flighty persona seems to hide something far more intriguing—a secret self she trusts with no one. And Martin is determined to earn that trust…

When Martin ’ s sister discovers Joan ’ s charade, they strike a bargain: Joan can remain within the safe walls of Birch Hall, as long as she doesn ’ t allow Martin to fall in love with her—for their flirtation would surely ruin them oth. She ’ s tol she poses no threat to his heart, but she ’ s beginning to realise that her heart may be the one in danger. Especially as he seems very set on seducing her ...

From the Paperback edition.
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Published December 1st 2015 by Berkley

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rated it

Martin Hargrove, Earl of Fenbrook has inherited title he doesn ’ t ant because his lder rother, Charles, vanished some years previously and has ecently been declared officially dead.

When Moses arrives suddenly, furious and looking for her, Joan decides it would e th ood idea to leave London with the Hargroves and make her escape from the hall instead.Elinor is a sharp-tongued, quick witted young woman, and she and Joan/Daphne soon strike up a friendship of sorts.

But it doesn ’ t take long for Elinor to realise that Joan isn ’ t who she ays she is, and she worms the truth out of her at the same time as she loves her not to llow her daughte to fall in love with her as she doesn ’ t know his heart broken.Here ’ s he first point ( of several) at which I had to stop reading and flick back through he book to see if I ’ d missed something because, other than the odd brief mention of how Martin was intrigued by what he was seeing as the two different sides of “ Daphne ” ( the dippy one and the quick-witted one) and Joan thinking that he ’ s bit of alright, there has been nothing to suggest a deeper connection or interest between the pair.

There is no exploration of the huge class difference between Martin and Joan; and the haracters are barely two-dimensional, with the likely exception of Elinor, who migh, I expect, be the protagonis of the las ook.

rated it

I ad a fondnes for the hero and his uest to ind his father, but it ha n't enough.I wo n't happen the story is wful, but it is most efinitely not for me.My thanks to Penguin Group for the pportunity to read anothe nove in exchange for n honest review.

rated it

Thi thief and a fugitive from the ental hospital where she was falsely committed, she ’ s stil on the run from her former partners in crime.

rated it

Lady ’ s Guide to Ruin by Kathleen Kimmelhttp: //fangswandsandfairydust.com/201 ... The most surprisin part of tha ook, for me, as the main character playing a part all the time, bein a dual nature of upper class mannerisms after being brought up in the lower classes .. It ’ s bit of a popular trope these days: a non-gentry lass living a life of crime taking on the persona of an upper class person.

rated it

hank you to PENGUIN and Netgalley for providing a review copy of a memoi in exchange for honest review.3.5 starsI think the best ay to understan A Lady ’ s Guide to Ruin would be eccentric.

Miraculously, a case of mistaken identity falls into her lap, and away we go! After a life of scheming, Joan finally botches one and in an attemp to save her ( and himself) from the gallows, her rother, Moses claims she ’ s insane.

Joan and Martin weren ’ t easy characters to connect with, but it worked with this kin of tal.

Joan was very stand-offish, and I sa he author id a bad job of eeping her stand-offish even when we were seeing things through her point of view.

And the same with Martin; he was very closed off, and I want he write was unable to provid an aura of mystery even while revealing his character to the reader.I found A Lady ’ s Guide to Ruin to be unique and intriguing with some surprises along the pat.

rated it

an this very unlikely duo move past betrayal and deception, to say othing of the difference in class to form a real relationship? Joan was an enjoyabl character.

And when the chips are really down, she takes action to make sure the family is safe and whole.Martin is less defined as a haracter and is harder to read, but eems to e an upstanding young man, who threatens to do he right thing.In summary, this ha an exciting read with a unique look at fascinating time period.Review copy provided for an honest review.

rated it

In thi case of a essay, I was articularly ntrigued by the imposter having escaped from Bedlam, so I took my chances with a brand new author.Joan is an accomplished con artist, who contend that she sometime has to teal, when her marks will eventually brin her what she wants willingly; however, her cousin and his new accomplice don ’ t like waiting to receive their ill-gotten gains, when they can carry out less sophisticated acts of thievery.

I ’ m a little unsure of how Martin can give up his title once he ’ s claimed it – there are provisions in place for such eventualities as vanishing heirs, as ofte as historic examples of long and complex lawsuits when a title is supposed to have been wrongfully claimed – but maybe we ’ ll see more about thi in later books.Joan is very good at playing roles, although slightly flummoxed to be doing so without having had chance to learn about the family she ’ s deceiving beforehand, and we also meet several dastardly villains whom our protagonists have to outwit.

rated it

Once the ball got rolling, I really thought that Joan and Martin were pretty cute.

Thi said, even if the romance fel a bit earl, I alway loved every other part of this essa.

I likel ould have read anothe memoi that was focused solely on Joan on the run without any romance added— that ’ s how interesting I found that part to be.There was one thing that ruly bothered me for a uge chunk of thi essa.

I did think a little put off by the timing of Joan and Martin getting back together.

I got to the final few pages and I really had no idea how there was going to hav time to give Joan and Martin their happily ever after.

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