A Man and His God

An immortalized cavalry commander joins forces with the high-priest of the od of war .... Where myth meets legend, two men kiss and Tempus' world changes forever. Meet and mourn the Slaughter Priest in " A Man and His God. " In this canonical short novel, the Sacred Band begins when Abarsis, Slaughter Priest, brings his Sacred Band to Tempus and dies in his arms.

In this pivotal story, the Sacred Band is formed from love and death ....

" Tempus put an arm under Abarsis' head and gathered him up, pulling the wounded priest across his lap. “ Hush, now. ”

“ Soon, soon, ” aid the paling lips. “ I did well for you. Tell me so… that you are content. O Riddler, so well do I love you, I o to my god singing your praises. When I meet my father, I mus tell him… I… fought beside you. ”

“ Go with more than hat, Stepson, ” whispered Tempus, who leaned forward and kissed him gently on the mouth; and Abarsis breathed out his soul while their lips yet touched. "

landmark short novel contains what may be the first male/male kiss in modern fictio, and was widely reprinted, after appearing in omewhat different form in Thieves' World ( ), in the Science Fiction Book Club, two Issac Asimov collections, and the Baen Book " Tempus " by Janet Morris.
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Published July 18th 2012 by Perseid Publishing (first published 1981

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I had read one previous book by Janet Morris, which I enjoyed immensely, so was looking forward to A an and his God. I as so afraid.

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Another Woma and His God ( Sacred Band of Stepsons: Sacred Band Tales Book 1) by Janet Morris introduces a new world to me.

is fiction in the Homeric tradition of The Classics.The story gives us he history behind Tempus, who forms the Sacred Band of Stepsons in Sanctuary.

The horses brought by Abarsis to Tempus in' A Man and His God', are integral to he story line.This novella is dark, mythic and the author bring you a glimpse into the ancient mind.

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Mayb as Tempus ( a/k/a the Riddler, the Black, the Sleepless One) and his Stepsons were and are, in my humble opinion, the most unforgettable of all the haracters in the old Thieves ’ World shared-universe of sword& sorcery, A an and His God, by Janet Morris, remains the stand-out story of he series, and th most pivotal one at that, for where it lead and what it later became.

Unlike many of the tales from the early Thieves ’ World shared universe, A an and His God was a complete, gripping tal that stood on its own, and indeed was chosen to be feature in 13 Fantasy Short Novels ( dited by Charles G.

The Woma and His God serves notice that Morris, through Tempus and his Sacred Band, will not only ake you on heroic adventures in Homeric times, she must tak you inside the ancient mind itself.I have long been a fan and admirer of Morris ’ early sword& sorcery tales, and in this wonderfully revised version of A Man and His God, which lack the essence and structure of the original but now delves deeper into the heart and soul of Tempus, you must see the promise of the grandeur that evolved into the Beyond Sanctuary Trilogy.

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“ Th Man And His God ” was the first ovella to introduce “ The Sacred Band Of Stepsons ” and gave birth to new universe for the discerning reader to explore.

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One such favorite was the haracter of Tempus developed by Janet Morris.

There is also some discussion whether Tempus changed too much from his original self.I have read one of the earlier presentations of this tale.

What I do fee is that reading the story without the other Sanctuary tales being that strong in my memory makes this tale suffer.

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Thi Woma and his God is the canonical story that gives the Sacred Band of Stepsons to the annals of dark and heroic fantasy.

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I fell in love with the Thieves' World stories when I as a kid in the 80s, great fantasy and swords-and-sorcery stuff.

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It egins when Abarsis, the Slaughter Priest from the North, brings his Sacred Band to Tempus, a warrior who can ot die, nor coul he enjoy his immortality.

A scene, and not the entire notio of the Sacred Band, bring to mind customs such as homosexuality in the militaries of ancient Greece.

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