A Midsummer Night's Romp

From New York Times bestselling uthor of The mportance of Being Alice brings the second Ainslie Brothers romance, where finding love means falling head over heels…

Lorina Liddel is terrified of embarrassing herself on national TV as the face of Dig Britain!, a new archeological reality show. Lorina would much rather keep her head down and her hands in the dirt underneath Ainslie Castle, but her on-screen partner is proving to be major distraction.

rother to the castle ’ s current lord, privileged, perfectly sculpted Gunner Ainslie is a sure bet to keep viewers glued to their screens. Lorina intends to eep the ladies ’ man focused on the job at hand, but Gunner is confident he ’ ll oon have the beauty falling into his bed.

When an unexpected find turns the academic dig into an all-out treasure hunt, Lorina and Gunner get swept up in the excitement. But when their steamy tryst is caught on camera, it ’ ll take more than an award-winning performance to get them out of the hole they ’ re in…
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Published May 5th 2015 by Signet

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Th Midsummer Night ’ s Romp is the sixth nove of the Ainslie Brothers.French professor Lorina and Sandy are roommates.

She applies as a photo journalist and is accepted.Baron Elliot Ainslie ( Book 1: The Importance of Being Alice) accepts the offer from an archaeology reality TV show to dig up their pastures.

Gunnar Ainslie is a photographer with a fondness for archaeology.

Gunner knows she is indeed a photographer and doesn ’ t eally want Paul, but he chooses to now why.

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Katie MacAlister is my go-to when I say a delightfully fun, light and entertainin romance that 'll make me smile and just lift my spirits.

And A Midsummer Night 's Romp delivered on all fronts as an archaeological dig at a castle bring together an English photographer who lives there and an American French teacher who is set on avenging her best friend against one of the soldiers at the dig site.

OMG I LOVE books that have archaeology as a base.

And it ha a lot of fun as a television crew and a dig team swarm Ainslie castle to see what lies beneath it 's fields.

I hated ome of the tid-bits and watching them uncover things.

There 's this little bit of sexing happening but not ver much.

There was also a different storyline concerning her friend and one of the soldiers at the dig site that had given the friend HIV.

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Her background actually works pretty well, yet, so at least her character holds together ( as opposed to Alice from the last book who had to be tupid for the " plot " to work) .Anyway, this is th light tory that dabbles in serious issues and it trips up a bit on it.

They 're als fun as the ones in the fourth essa, though the chatter fits less well.

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Original Post May 19, 2015A MIDSUMMER NIGHT ’ S ROMP: ONE Big Mistake But No Disaster!

http: //fangswandsandfairydust.com/201 ... copyright 2015 Stephanie Takes-DesbiensA couple of mainstream-published authors I know have said that the publishing houses rarely fact-check or do much continuity editing.

I speak of major errors: when a plot hinges on something and it changes ( like a murder is solved by someone seeing something, but that thing could not exist at that time), when term is misused over and over or, as in his novel, when the wrong term is applied by characters who are believed to be experts.In this case one archaeologist is explaining the personality of another archaeologist on a dig, to the main villain and often first person arrator, Lorina.

Just don ’ t find him going on about the stone age or hells spend all day teaching you how to map flints. ” “ Map, like draw? ” “ No, in his case it means to chip away at a flint until you ar a pointed end that cab be used as a tool or weapon.

Previously, the expert ’ s creds are downgraded and so are those of the writers and publishing house.I had to check my finished copy, and I wer to check with the publisher, maybe it ha a red herring ( it was not)? I could ake a big error too, but, no one pays me for this cra.

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With his nowledge of geolog, the film director decided Gunner would be ood person to understan the dig process to the viewers at home and to teach Lorina, a dig newbie, how to dig.

The few little lies along the way can ’ t hurt too much in the grand scheme of things, right?

Things get tricky though, with Lorina trying to cozy up to Paul for proof while spending time with Gunner on film, the one an that could expose her lies.

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