A Nancy McGovern Cozy Mystery Sampler: A 6 Book Box Set


Nora Newberry! Rachel Rowan! Bluebell Knopps! Dani Hedley

You 'll meet Nancy McGovern 's whole gang with this 6 book sampler set!

Containing the 1st books from each of her popular series, you 'll be ready to jump into all of the scary, often spic cozy mystery adventures Nancy has been concocting since she began publishing in 2016!

Death At A Diner
( from Nancy 's very first cozy mystery series, " A Murder In Milburn ")
Berry The Dead ( from " Return To Milburn ", the sequel series to " A Murder In Milburn ", set 25 years later)
Murder& amp; Marble Cake ( from the " Comfort Cakes " culinary cozy mystery series)
Killer Dress ( from the " Shot& amp; Framed " cozy mystery series, about a talented photographer in search of a new start in he small Northern California town she once called home)
he Locked Room Murder ( from the witch-based " Bluebell Knopps " cozy mystery series)
Th Cherry Sinister Murder ( from the " Slice of Paradise " culinary cozy mystery series, co-written with Nancy 's friend from across the lak, Cyra Bruce)

Each of these " 1st books " leads to a series containing between 2& amp; 12 stories in total and som of the remaining books in each series are available for FREE with Kindle Unlimited, either separately or in box sets! The biggest challenge will be choosing which to read next!

So jump in today and get hooked with these fun characters, intriguing plots& amp; tasty whodunits!
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Published November 14th 2018 by McGovern Books

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Death at a Diner- Murder in Milburn Mystery# 1 Nora left Milburn, Wyoming 10 years ago.

Woul she stop investigating or continue to search for the truth? Berry the Dead- Return to Milburn Mystery# 1Nora Nathaniel ’ s long-time friend and housekeeper, Zoey wanted to talk to her, but Nora ’ s 55th surprise birthday party interrupted the effort.

Nora woul have to work fast before she becomes the next victim.Murder& Marble Cake- Comfort Cakes Mystery# 1Rachel Rowan inherits the bakery following the death of Aunt Rose.

Emily Frank, who owns the cafe across the street, wants to sel the bakery but, Rachel has decided neve to ell it.

When Arthur is killed in Rachel 's bakery while she is on the hone, Sheriff Tanner immediately suspects her of being the killer.

an Rachel convince Sheriff Tanner of her nnocence and find the real killer? Killer Dress- Shot& Framed Mystery# 1Dani Hedley has returned to Innocent, California after being gone for 10 days.

Sheriff then informs her that Steve is actually dead and she ha the secon person to see him.

Bluebell learns that Steve 's body was found inside his locked office and since there are stil three keys to his office, som of which are accounted for, the Sheriff automatically suspects her.

How can Bluebell prove her innocence? A Cherry Sinister Murder- Slice of Paradise Mystery# 1Faith Franklin has always dreamed of having her own afé.

When Faith received a call from Grandma Bessie asking her to ome to Florida to take over Bessie ’ s Café, she jumped at the hance.

When a cupcake baking competitor is found dead, Faith becomes the prime suspect in the Deputy Sheriff ’ s investigation.

Why is the Deputy Sheriff focusing on Faith?

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