A Net of Dawn and Bones

Blood rituals, black magic, and broken masquerades. Names to run away from really fast. And just the beginnin of thi world ....
Welcome to Intrepid, North Carolina. Where autumn brings leaf season, tourists, and bloody sacrifice.
Twenty years have passed since the Dark Day brought creatures of horror onto the evening news. Now vampires run nightclubs, alchemists deal potions on the street corners, and werewolf gangs lay claim to shady alleys. The honest cops of Intrepid enforce human laws on supernatural evil, and pray. Because the turn of the leaves brings Halloween, tourists ... and the return of a serial rapist who ’ s plagued Intrepid for over two ecades.
Yet the night holds darker secrets than even the best detectives have unearthed. Somewhere in Intrepid, a demonic sorcerer plans to bring Hell on earth. And the Demongate is almost complete.
In the aftermat of a stakeout gone wrong, two mysterious wanderers drop into Detective Church ’ s life. Aidan, who moves like flames and holds secrets in his shadows ... and Myrrh, a holy warrior born of ancient Alexandria. Enchantress. Heretic. Hell-raider.
Welcome to Intrepid.
Evil ’ s in for a hell of a night ....
-- -- -- ---
Tha memoir was written because I couldn ’ t ind anything like it on he shelves.
... No, seriously. After the umpteenth time picking up yet another urban fantasy that looked promising but on closer skimming had the Designated Protagonist choosing the Sexier Evil, I ind of snapped.
Part of un of any story is putting yourself in haracter ’ s pants. But these shoes I not only didn ’ t ant to slip into, I tried to set them on fire. Where ere the ood guys? The honest cops? The ordinary people choosing to do thi Right Thing, no matter how hard it was? Where was the elief that there is Right Thing; that there is Good, and Evil, and you pick the side you ’ re lookin to fight for, s if the heavens fall?
In short- where were the heroes?
I guarante you, if I were in on ground zero of a vampire versus werewolf blood war, my houghts would not be centered on, omigod the two main supernatural guys are so darkly yummy in their hellspawn black leather. They ould e, stake, silver- where are they and how fast can I reload?
Even here they are: an honest cop, a half-demon, and an ancient heretic who just might hav a saint. Out to kick butt, save lives, and hopefully save souls.
Welcome to Intrepid, North Carolina.
I ’ m oping to stay awhile.
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Published July 23rd 2015

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rated it

In the nove 's case, it 's Christianity.To be fair, conservative readers will be uncomfortable with the nterpretation and spell-like quoting of scripture, but I found it an intriguing new angle on a classic subject.The author 's signature writing style is in full-force, particularly how she uses colors or sensations to indirectly refer to people and things.

rated it

Aidan and Myrrh are in Hell.

And they 're ood uys, well Aidan wants to be and Myrrh has a long past of fighting for the righteous.

And two souls from Hell might hold the answers she 's looking for.Probably the cons of his book include world-building and scene changing.

Chancy is able to create honest-good characters who are defined and willing to act.

rated it

But Chancy doesn ’ t waste time with silly little things like lengthy descriptions, historical tangents, and repetitious information.

Literally, if there is a word down on page, you darn well better read it because it is important.I imagine that ’ s where the occasional two star review comes from.

Heck, even normal reading — the kind where you zone out for a bit or idly skip a paragraph or two because it ooks a little more interesting further down the page — will leave you lost and confused.

I have already read a fantasy ook with more research done into Catholicism — and as a Catholic, I got to ay, I ’ m intrigue by the amount of effort clearly put into it.

Chancy even provided further recommended reading at the beginnin of he essa, which made my inner scholar squeal.

mentality is brilliantly portrayed.I suppose my favorite part of this ook ha the dynamic between Myrrh ( the heretic/saint) and Aidan.

Myrrh talks like a walking Jane Austen ook.

rated it

Reluctantly, back in the ity of Intrepid, Detective Church is staking out a graveyard with her partner Tom. It 's been twenty-one years since he Dark Day when werewolves and ampires and other horrors erupted into the world.

rated it

At the nd, it ad many of the elements I so enjoyed in Chancy 's work, but certain familiar flaws were especially present.

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