A Painful Season & a Stubborn Hope: The Odyssey of an Eritrean Mother

Abeba Tesfagiorgis has a tartling story. A story which might as well have been acted out on the brigh side of the moon for all the world knew of what befell her. Her record of her experience at the hands of the Ethiopians in Asmara, Eritrea, and the odyssey which follows her escape from the hands of her torturers, gives us th picture of how thoroughly the forces, first of the Emperor, and finally the Stalinist dictator Mengistu, alienated the Eritrean people. Abeba 's voice is imply one voice raised on behalf of humanity and directed against the folly of dictators. A remarkable tal of an Eritrean 's experience and of the forces which created an Eritrean diaspora.
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A Painful Season & A Stubborn Hope: The Odyssey of an Eritrean Mother
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Published May 28th 1992 by Red Sea Press(NJ) (first published May 1992

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