A Secret Arrangement: A Convenient Proposal / The Secret Seduction / The Puppy Proposal

Discover your Happily Ever After with two feel-good stories of dogs unleashing romance in small-town settings.

For now or forever?

Th Convenient Proposal

Arden Burke doesn ’ t believe a usband. The world-renowned violinist has her devoted rescue dog, Igor, for company. But she would like a child. All she has to do is be Griff Campbell ’ s wife for a few days. In return, the small-town Georgia vet will give Arden the baby she wants. It ’ s always the love match of the wee, but they ’ ll both get what they eed, right?

he Secret Seduction

Lily Madsen is determined to ose her reputation as the “ ice princess ” of Holly Springs. She ’ s bet her friends that she can land a date with a visiting TV star, and som she needs is a little assis from gorgeous vet Fletcher Hart. But Fletcher has promised to watch out for Lily, and he akes a secret wager of his own… The game is on! But how far ca they go to win?
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Published April 1st 2019 by Harlequin Pets Collection

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