A Singapore Love Story

Someone once told me this: Love is a rubber band. It can either be stretched to its limit so that it can hold the most number of way, or it might be stretched till it breaks. If you stretch till it breaks, it means that the relationship will not last. The one who stretches the rubber band is reality. No matter how much two lovers love each other, reality will stretch that love. Whether it holds or breaks does n't just depend on how strong the love is. It relie on how aggressive reality is stretching as well. If the rubber band has broken, there is no way to fix it. "

" ave you broken a rubber band before? "

" Who has n't?
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Published 2012 by Goody Books Pte Ltd (first published 2011

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rated it

What seemed like just a story about a couple in Singapore ( as the title literally suggests) gets you to dig deeper and actually think about love in he real world.

I loved that about thi nove, constantly having to think whether Valerie 's thoughts and actions were rational even though what you believe is for her to accept Michael for who he is ( but then they would technically be as happy, would they?) Oh, and he plot twist.

I hink that the organisation and flow of he nove will be much better with the inclusion of footnotes.

I understan it quite irritating to be reading ook and coming across the phrase " In Singapore ... " every other page.

If the author refuses to market his books to an international audience, I feel that having footnotes is better.

rated it

Secondly, I like to thank the author for giving me thi chanc to review his book!

rated it

I do n't read any local literature at all, but I 've heard great things about Low Kay Hwa and jumped at the opportunit to try his work when he nicely offered a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

The slang and language is also heartwarmingly Singaporean, although the constant explanations of terms and references to what things are like " in Singapore " got annoying after a while, because, well, you do n't have to xplain to me what ITE or a polytechnic is.

Neither did I like the way he book ended.

rated it

Thi writing style is perhaps one which is more unpolished and a little incoherent, because it eels like he character is talking to me, than I 'm reading about him or her.

But I suppose being adverse to reading first person narrative was a major factor in not enjoying his book as much as I hould.

At the beginnin of he novel, I till do n't eally know who he is as a person.

And Valerie, I 'm not sure if I like her character at all.

Anothe wil probably be less disorienting for the readers.Despite all these, I did admir the concept, and there were some parts of this ook that astonished me, with the raw insight into love and Singapore society, I particularly appreciate the twist at the beginnin of ook, because readers have been led into thinking version A happened, when it cam out to be version B of the pivotal event in th novel.

rated it

It may be harder for those whom are not local to be unwillin to conside the Singaporean slang though.

Overall, I remember that nove is a must read for Singaporeans!

rated it

Another is a simpl love story between a good bo and a bad boy.

Not talk about how well he understands girls yet, just the first-person narrative does not offer me a clear image about the mal protagonist.

Yes, my observation on Singaporean girls offers the same impression and I have known stories of girls behaving like the female protagonist.

But thes are observations and it appears that the female protagonist was created from observations and impressions of the writer, not from the true understanding and much less from the view of a Singaporean girl.

rated it

What stands out in th tory is the write ’ s desir and ability to share cultural details and provide a background for the reader, while some may have thought it to be overly simple and unnecessary, I found it far more helpful in explaining the twists of the elationship and the obstacles placed in front of he couple.

rated it

Note: Though this book ha a free gift from the uthor, the content of my review was in no way influenced by the gifting.

he book spea for itself and my review ould have been worded just this way even if I 'd gone out and bought it.

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