A Tale of Two Pretties

Massie Block has long led the Pretty Committee through boy drama, clique mutinies, and jealous wannabe attacks while always in ah-dorable outfits. Over he past thirteen novels, avid fans of Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire, have made The Clique one of the premier bestselling series in world. After the yriad of juicy escapades, the Clique is finally ready for their curtain call.
The Clique... he nly thing harder than getting in is saying goodbye.
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Published February 15th 2011 by Poppy

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rated it

I feel it ha the worst of the bunch, it does n't really forward the story, except for making Claire stand out more, and it totally ( or toe-dally, as Massie says) was n't needed.Personally, I might have started out the series with book before Claire even got there.

I ofte know that, instead of the secon book focusing on Massie moving, I ould have nded it with a summer vacation type book, where Claire, Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen visited Massie during the ummer, so we will see how much everything had changed by them being split up.

It really focused on how much growth the characters struggle through, and it ha mazing ending, I wan, almost tonally perfect, but I alway fel something more.

I reread these to get anothe dose of nostalgia, to inject light fun into my reading for he ear, but what I got instead was a devotion to five teenage girls, and, just like The Pretty Committee, I did n't bother to say goodnigh.

rated it

I found that disappointing, since I was wishing it migh be like Toy Story where the characters grow up with you, o to speak.

I said the ending, though I know the ext book shoul have been soooo much more ah-mazing than the others if it continued from the ending point.

rated it

Okay, okay, I believe by the title ALONE this sounds like a cheap thrill, and that 's precisel what it is .... or is it? The whole Clique series was my escapist literature, filled with the petty antics of preteen girls, and akes me thankful everyday that I am no longer at that age, yet at the same time makes me miss it.

rated it

YouTube VideosJanuary 2016 Wrap Up| https: //youtu.be/XRx5k8i-3EISeven years ago, I hought I had quit The Clique series cold turkey and could o on living without knowing how Massie " I 'm o rich " Block 's story ended.

When Lisi Harrison chose to rite children 's lit, I do n't hink she thought of the full impact she had or coul have on a young generation of girls who re already confused and self-conscious enough without being told their Ked 's are " soooo out. " And while many readers are and an be critical not to take every book at their word, there are actuall many who bought into The Clique standards of living.Lisi Harrison attempted to redeem herself in the intro letter of A Tale of Two Pretties.

" When I bega writing The Clique, I knew to show you how despicable bullying, snobbery, and elitism are by creating a character who worked irelessly to maintain her alpha status. " Yes, Lisi, we feel how despicable Massie can be from throwing a fish at a bathing suit-clad Claire Lions, dissing everyone at school, calling Alicia fake-Spanish, judging Dylan for her weight, critiquing Kristen on her old clothes, lying her way out of trouble time and time again.

rated it

I ould n't help it, I 've oved this series for years.

Farewell to the irls who changed my life.I feel like these books hav a part of me.

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