A Tempest

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Une tempête
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Published May 1st 2002 by Theatre Communications Group (first published January 28th 1969

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rated it

In Césaire ’ s play, Caliban is a very important character for he not only represents the whole premise of slavery and resistance but he is ofte a more violent character who expresses his hatred and disgus towards Prospero the Sorcerer and regent of the island upon which the plot takes place.

Césaire ’ s version focuses on Ariel ’ s and Caliban ’ s plight and misfortune and portrays their different approaches in gaining freedom from Prospero the tyrant.

Moreover, Caliban plots to gain his freedom with a great deal of hatred towards Prospero and allies with Trinculo and Stephano, a jester and a drunk butler.

rated it

I enjoy it, but I do n't especiall like it.There were times when I enjoyed reading this play, but instead it sor of got old and I just did n't really enjoy it anymore.

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Simultaneously hilarious and startling, Une Tempête by Aimé Césaire is an adaptation which brings this famous play into a more postcolonial perspective.

Prospero and Caliban appear to be on opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of both power and ideology while everyone 's favorite sprite was a mesh of the two.

rated it

But what a way to pervert an old play and make it something nothing like the original!

As far as I 'm oncerned, Cesaire is another one of those jackass political-message driven guys who decided that his greatest gift to he world could be to write crap like this to prove a point.Point made.

Thi writing was plain, the oetry was rot, the an has no sense of continuity -- if you ad n't read Shakespeare 's original, The Tempest, you 'd be more than a little lost with the transitions ( or ca I say, lack thereof) he makes.

And I 'm sick of it.If Cesaire had written something well, without this speedy and careless tone and manner of piecing words together throughout the " play, " then perhaps it ould have carried its point better!

But onl if it had been written " well, " the entire POINT was to rite play BADLY so that every single crude stereotype showed up harshly and blatantly apparent.

GEEZ it 's annoying reading works like this!

Writing badly to prove a political point?

If you ant to writ something more complex, go to Shakespeare 's actual play.

But where do you come off taking Prospero -- who in the original Tempest, did n't even take Caliban seriously when he narrowly escaped being caught and killed by him -- and making him into this blatant wuss of a character, more weak than Trinculo and Stephano are greedy, bumbling idiots?

Okay, play up Caliban 's character!

It 's usually really amazing when you com to read he same story from a completely different character 's point of view!

I love stories like that!

In he original he was more an ALLY to Prospero, standing on the same ground as him, than a slave!

I hate it when people mess with characters that I love! So I ranted there for a bit.

But my biggest peeve was that I shoul n't enjoy the story, or the characters, because all I kept getting out of it was the POLITICS.

D8< ESPECIALLY when I'm reading someone's "MESSAGE" at the price of the ruin of an entertaining story and some pretty dang fun characters too!

But it 's substandard writing, and I 'm not ven talking message-wise.

rated it

I 'm sick of this shit.Some people may like this type of play, but I lost interest in it after the " God " Eshu says he 's going to smack someone with his d***.

Others may like it, as it is a ompletely different type of play.

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