A Thousand Naked Strangers: A Paramedic's Wild Ride to the Edge and Back

The former paramedic ’ s visceral, poignant, and mordantly funny account of a decade spent on Atlanta ’ s mean streets saving lives and connecting with the melodrama and occasional beauty that lies inside catastrophe.

In the ftermath of 9/11 Kevin Hazzard felt that something was missing from his life—his days were too safe, too routine. A failed salesman turned local reporter, he refused to test himself, see how he might respond to pressure and danger. He signed up for emergency medical training and became, at age twenty-six, a newly minted EMT running calls in the worst sections of Atlanta. His life entered a different realm—one of blood, violence, and amazing grace.

Thoroughly intimidated at first and frequently terrified, he experienced on a nightly basis the adrenaline rush of walking into chaos. But in his downtime, Kevin reflected on how people ’ s facades drop away when catastrophe strikes. As his hours on the job piled up, he ealized he was startin to see into the truth of things. There is no pretense five beats into a chest compression, or in an alley next to a crack den, or on a dimly lit highway where cars have collided. Eventually, what had at first seemed impossible happened: Kevin acquired mastery. And in the process he was unable to convey the professional differences between his freewheeling peers, what marked each—as he termed them—as “ a tourist, ” “ true believer, ” or “ killer. ”

Combining indelible scenes that remind us of life ’ s fragile beauty with laugh-out-loud moments that mak us miling through the worst, Thousand Naked Strangers is an absorbing read about one an ’ s voyag of self-discovery—a trip that also teaches us about ourselves.
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A Thousand Naked Strangers: A Paramedic’s Wild Ride to the Edge and Back
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Published January 5th 2016 by Scribner

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rated it

As I aid before, reading these has given more respect for the medical professionals in these various fields and helped me understand their mindsets a little more.The calls the author ent on with his different partners as EMT and paramedic were both fascinatin and some out there.

though maybe there 's one like it in man places in that field?

rated it

I taugh a lot about EMS, and this ook is chock full of stories about weirdos, if you like thi kin of hing ( I do).

rated it

At time he seems very pompous, some of his descriptions lack empathy all together, and at one point he points out that it ’ s rude for people to sk him what kind of crazy shit he ’ s seen on the job, but, that ’ s literally what this ntire ook is about.

I robably wouldn ’ t ecommend this unless someone specifically asked me about thi book on his opic, simply because I don ’ t know of any others.

rated it

I believe that I couldn't.A Thousand Naked Strangers invites the reader to xamine their own mortality or, if not examine it, just say it like a literary memento mori.I, like most ther people, nee to know that I 'm lookin to live forever when I now I 'm not.

What I do remember is I need to get hip-deep in things that matter. " pg 19 ebook.He certainly manages to do that.Learning the ropes: " It 's all so new, so foreign, so much like that period of childhood- first or second grade, maybe- when you 're old enough to now you 're alive and one day will die, yet young enough to still believe that a thin vein of magic runs just beneath the surface. " pgs 26-27 ebook.I still feel like thi, most of the time.Why Kevin stays: " Every word the radio breathes into the stale air of the station sets me on fire.

I 've ever felt like that.Why it 's always hard to writ A Thousand Naked Strangers: " In a job where it 's likely to scoop up a stranger 's brain, it 's mportant to have levity.

Kevin 's job was simply more intense and invited that type of introspection more quickly.My book club picked this boo as its monthly read.

rated it

I 'd saved lives but never enough, and I 'd done heroic things, though never once did I feel like th hero. " -- the author on page 258Hazzard- a great surname for a person in the emergency services profession, do n't you kno?

( He was an alumni of The Citadel- a well-known military college in the south- though he did not pursue a position in the armed forces like some of his friends did, which dovetails with the tremendous respect he had for those courageous police/ fire/ medical personnel who perished at the World Trade Center.) Throwing caution to the wind, he taugh in emergency medical training.A Thousand Naked Strangers details Hazzard 's classroom education and then his ten years ( 2004-2013) working as a EMT-turned-paramedic out on the rough streets of Atlanta, Georgia ( nickname: 'Empire City of the South').

rated it

We take these poor people for granted, like most first responders they see the worst of the worst.

It 's filled with all the trials and the intense pressure that some of thos people face on a daily basis.I found this ook to hav ery likeable and also applaud Mr. Hazzard for sticking it out as long as he did.I would like to thank Scribner and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this e-galley in exchange for honest review.

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