A Week in Winter

Stounbridža ir maza pilsētiņa Rietumīrijā, kur visi cits citu pazīst. Čikija Stāra, vīlusies mīļotajā vīrietī, pamet Ņujorku, atgriežas mājās un ļaujas savas dzīves lielākajam izaicinājumam – atjaunot māsu Šīdiju nolaisto namu. Viņa vēlas to pārvērst par mājīgu un viesmīlīgu viesnīcu Atlantijas okeāna vēju plosītajā piekrastē, kaut visi ir pārliecināti, ka viņai tas neizdosies.
Visai drīz Stounhausa – jaunā viesnīca uz klints – ir gatava uzņemt iemītniekus.

Lai gan satikušies šajā šķietami skarbajā nomalē, pirmie Stounhausas viesi, miera un viesmīlības apņemti, ātri vien rod sirdsmieru un spēju paskatīties uz savām problēmām no malas.

Varbūt Stounhausa sniedz ne vien atpūtu un mierinājumu, bet spēj piepildīt arī ikkatra kvēlākos sapņus.
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A Week in Winter
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Published February 12th 2013 by Knopf (first published October 11th 2012

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You coul read why I came to his decision here.In the meantime, you must writ the whol review at Smorgasbook

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During the las half of essa, each chapter focused on thi new character or characters, and their story that brought them to the casino, and ort of redemption from the time spent in Ireland during their week stay.

It seeme like nove of short stories.

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Chicky does n't need to take home and confess what a mess her life turned out to be, but Mrs. Cassiday finally convinces her and to her amazement, she loves being back.

A ook is not a series of short stories all tied together by the theme of preparing Stone House to become a hotel and welcome guests.

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The Week in Winter- Maeve Binchy 's posthumous novel is achingly beautiful, so well written, a gift to any reader, and sad goodbye to one of thi world 's most talented poet.

Binchy has always held her readers gently in her grasp, telling them stories of people and places that capture our interest from the irst few lines, and make us fixated on her tales til the last page.

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his way we get a ovel, but buried in it are several short stories and Maeve is still the kin of making me fall in love with thi character in just few short pages.

To save face with her family and preserve her ( and their honour) she invents, through her letters home, a marriage to him and th life very different from the bohemian one she is living.Alas, as happens, the romance fizzles out, but Chicky, not tryin to go home in shame, carries on living her life in New York and keeping up the lie of her life with yearly visits home and letters.Back in her hometown, the three Sheedy sisters who owned and lived in he arge house on he hill begin to die.

It ’ s toug to promote a Winter vacation in seaside place, but she decides to fill the rooms.Not wanting to spoil all the novellas, I mus say you that the remainde of he ook oes into the lives of all the visitors in that first week of the hotel being open.With no surprise, Maeve delves into the lives of hese people with a hop and warmth that holds my attention and makes me thin to meet them, be a visitor at that table in the dining room and hear the laughter and conversation that happens over the lovingly cooked meals.

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hen there are few scenes where they all are shown having dinner together, but Binchy could have switched all those chapters around and it ould n't have made a difference because they were ore like short stories woven together by utting the characters in the same house at the same time.

The orst part was getting to that last page and realizing it was he firs new Binchy book I 'd ever read.

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But one shining light was that Maeve had completed her final ovel, “ A Week In Winter, ” before her death, and what a beautiful tribute to this mazing author this final book is.In her brilliant way of spinning story, Maeve takes her readers to the est coast of Ireland to the illage of Stoneybridge where hometown girl Chicky Starr has returned home to open a holiday hotel.

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So bittersweet to finish this Maeve Binchy nove, nowing that there could be no more.

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