A Williamsburg Christmas

Christmas 1955- Trent jilted Holly. Should she give him second chance? Has too much time elapsed and is so much fire quenched for this romance to rekindle?

Holly falls in love with the sights, sounds, and scents of Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg during her irst months living there. She ’ s a widowed mother raising 8-year-old twin boys by working as a bartender in a famous Colonial Williamsburg Inn.

Trent disappeared from Holly ’ s life ten years ago. ow he ’ s awa and ants to marry her. Santa ’ s matchmakers complicate Holly ’ s decisions by bringing new men into her life. Will the competition prove too much for Trent?
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Published August 31st 2018 by Forget Me Not Romances, an imprint of Winged Publications

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rated it

It sounded like such an interestin place to eat and enjoy the history of thi time long ago.I liked Holly and her dedication to her twins.

I hated the spiritual aspect of tal and how Trent tried to show Holly how much he has changed.

race is on to win Holly 's heart when Trent has competition.

Who woul win Holly 's heart?

rated it

Anothe ear is 1955, and language of the times is evident in the onversations of Holly, Shirley, and Trent.

Christian faith underlies everything in Holly ’ s life, with gentle, non-preaching words and behavior.Holly ’ s life centers around her 8-year old twin oys, Rake and Randy.

It shoul be hallenging to determine which person, if any, that Holly lets into her heart, but one thing is for sure, her twin boys are going to help all they can.I enjoyed everything about this nove, from wea, ikable characters to the laughter Trent brings into Holly ’ s life, to the writer ’ s descriptions of beauty for the Christmas season.

I highly recommend A Williamsburg Christmas for those who njoy historical Christmas stories, Christians, and romance.From a grateful heart: I received thi copy of his nove from the uthor, and his is my honest review.

rated it

But Holly was n't ready to date yet and then her former first love shows up.

A Williamsburg Christmas is a fun romance that readers who are fond of second chance love will not bothe to miss.

rated it

It was very distracting and I really believed the characters using the slang were teens not ladies in their 30s! There were everal times when I ha left very confused about things that “ happened ” in Colonial Williamsburg.

And will they really have played “ Bing Crosby ” and he “ Von Trapp Family singers ” in Colonial Williamsburg? The characters bot felt rather like paper dolls who were moved around but never did things on their own.

Brin on, these girl were eight.There were also man times the author used words that just didn ’ t eem to fit.

It elt like children trying to use “ big ” words but it only pulled me out of this tal and left me ondering what she was talking about.And I ’ m gla, but a ballerina dress on a bridesmaid in Colonial Williamsburg?

rated it

historical town dressed in the spirit of time, th hero and heroine long lost to each other and young and mischievous eight year old twins, what more coul you eed to follow wonderful Christmas story?

rated it

Two weeks later she found love again with another an and enjoyed a happy life with her fiancee and twin sons until the inevitabl happened and her husband died suddenly.

Refusing to ad the new life, she has recently moved with her ons to historical Williamsburg.

It is there that she encounters Trent again and he is very reluctant to revive their relationship from ten years ago.

A Williamsburg Christmas is a hort ovella that is perfect length for people who are about to get busy preparing for their own Christmas holiday.

rated it

ould Holly be able to forgivehim and start over after all the time? his story has a powerful message of forgiveness.

Plus the message of God 's compassio and love if we only trust him and obey.A magical, heartwarming Christmas read!!!

rated it

Holly Belle Silver is a mothe with eight year old mischievous twin boys.

There are great characters including Holly, Trent, Shirley and Holly ’ s twin boys.

Shirley is a lively character and good riend to Holly.

A Williamsburg Christmas is a lovely, Christian romance with Christmas spirit.

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