Academia of the Beast: A Dark Retelling of Beauty and the Beast

NY Times bestselling uthor, K.N. Lee presents a dark twist on th classic fairy-tale that asks question: what if the beauty was the mortal enemy of the beast?

Raised in fear of her power.
Sold and betrayed by her boyfrien.

Allyn escaped the hunters once before. As th witch, she risks capture every day.

ow, she lives in the slums of the opulent kingdom of Elastria, where the Winter Winds are brutal, and force everyone into their homes for the entire season. When one of her best friends receives an invitation to the beginnin of season Winter Ball, Allyn would rather sulk about her boyfriend leaving her instead of partying at the most exclusive club in the kingdom.

Anothe chance encounter with the crown princes of Elastria sparks hope for a brighter future, one where she wil find true ove. All hopes are dashed when she 's kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and turned in for the bounty on her head.

Presentl, a prisoner in an eerie castle where the servants are ... peculiar, the walls whisper, and he duk 's mysterious twin brother struggles with the decision to keep or kill the witch he 's hunted and once lost, Allyn struggles with the ambitio to tame the beast within the prince, or fle to freedom.

evil of the castle is strong. But, the magic hiding inside Allyn might be more powerful than she or the prince realized.

Discover an enchanted world of itches and a cursed prince in this steamy modern retelling of Beauty and Beast

Acclai for Academia of the Beast:

" Wow, I hink is the best nterpretation of Beauty and Beast I have ever read. " Kristin, Amazon Reviewer

" Since I am no longer th child and have never been for many years I am all for adult stories of my avorite ones. Both times the show has been on I have watched it so when I ra across versions I grab them. Th one reminded me the most so far. " Denise Van Plew- Top Amazon Reviewer

" Forget what you 've known about the beauty and he demo, this tory akes a twist, a great one, and give it into a much wors version. Magic, ghosts, wolves, vampires, and itches, what more ca you ask for? How about a woman dead set on making it through entir ordeal? " Katie Perry Rogers

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** WARNING: Contains explicit adult situations and dark imagery not suitable for children**

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Published August 22nd 2016 by Patchwork Press (first published August 2016

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rated it

N. Lee is a fast-paced fairytale retelling of the Beauty and Beast with a dark twist.

She just wanted someone to be ood to her. " Right before the winter begins, Allyn goes to th party where she meets one of the rinces of Elastria, Conall, a woma she has met many years befor.

" As those words fell from her lips [ Allyn ] began to wonder who the witch was in this scenario… because she was sure Conall had her under a spell. " Characters in Academia of the Beast are beautifully flawed.

From thi eginning, we are informe of Lennox 's darker nature and we actually see Conall 's romantic and kind side.

Overall Academia of the Beast is a must-read.

rated it

It is fast paced and the plot did not really seem ...

rated it

he story being good was the only eason I was reluctant to finish he nove.

I did start out a bit confused, was it a modern dystopian story, or a fanciful fake world.

rated it

Unpopular opinion coming up .. May contain spoilers!!! I eally feel bad when I tak this ook poor review but I ca n't sav it in this case.

Plus, I explained that she constantly needs a man in her life to ake her feel worthy.

I do n't like characters that just give in to thing.

I felt like thi story was taking place somewhere in America not some fantastical kingdom.

We come across all these different names like Aude, Khia, Conall.

But then suddenly when we are swept to a new place, the fairy characters seem to have Swedish/European names.

I also did like Lennox as a villai but we do n't et to see him much.

rated it

ot reading more of a series, if it is one.

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