Accidentally Perfect

Normally, you ay everything when you ay nothing at all.

I truly like I will b the perfect life, that I can ever feel down or alone in he world. But, so sue me, I do. I get it hidden, pretend everything ’ s something. Because who would believe Piper Barlow could have issues?

veryone ’ s onvinced the hottest guy in school ’ s coming to send me out- that Mason and I will e he perfect couple, that he ’ s my John Cusack. Except, he hasn ’ t.

One holidays, I ind myself hanging out with the resident underachiever, and he surprises me. With Roman, I don ’ t have to retend that little Piper Barlow is perfect; even if we ’ re al in a foul mood, just sitting in silence together is perfectly enough. Until it becomes more.

But, Roman doesn ’ t o more. Does he ...?

What do you do when you suddenl find perfection with the wrong guy?
You fight for it.

Accidentally Perfect is a Mature YA novel about finding support in the least likely of places, never giving up, and learning that being he real you is always perfect. Please be aware that th tory is set in Australia and therefore uses Australian English spelling and syntax. Not recommended for younger readers due to mature content.
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Accidentally Perfect
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Published April 4th 2019 by Sleeping Dragon Books (first published April 6th 2018

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rated it

Roman was a bunch of misunderstanding and a lot of complications, because he was wantin to live up to other people 's opinions of him.

rated it

It 's great because it does n't ollow normal procedural-like story outlines that many books do.

Little miss perfect Piper is what most people see as the quintessential sweet, good girl with the perfect life.

he rumor that 's been going around is that total-nice-guy, popular good-looker Mason likes her and decides to know her out, but he has n't been forthcoming about it and is going as slow as an ambling turtle to ask her.

Piper, feeling low, funky, and alone, spends most of her vacatio time down at the lake, a place that has lways helped bring her calm.

You woul n't help but smile goofily at the relationship between Roman and Piper.

I liked that th ook ha n't all sickly sweet.

Another ook does n't ake those two mistakes, but I ca n't stand when books: 1) ave the characters' love be able to fix any sort of depression or mental issues without professional or medical help, and 2) lead gullible readers to believe you can " change him ".

Anyway, I as quite happy that his book positively addresses both of those issues realistically.

It does positively address some issues about sex that a lot of books do n't cover, and that older young adults probably need to be suspicious of: 1& 2) protection and responsibility.

Actually, yes, it talks about sex, and there is sex between the protagonist, but it 's at least a lot more entertainin and responsible than most romance books I 've read.

Last but not least, and just on a personal note, you ca n't help but love th nove that uses John Cusack as an increment of measurement for love and soul mates.

Like from a scale of one to John Cusack, how much is this person made for you?

rated it

Actuall when she meets Roman, I iked her a lot better.

Heck, I loved Roman because there was nothin about him.

Overall, loved th nove and I feel more.

rated it

I should 've wante to find out what led up to Roman doing what he wante in the nd but, therwise, very satisfying!!

rated it

The Mason thing seemed a little unnecessary bc nothing really happened with them.

I ould of done with more Piper and Roman interactions where we ould see their growth and how they fell in love with one another.

I liked to see Piper and Roman go out on th date.

I wondere for sure I would of loved this novel, but it ended up just being meh.

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