Adrift on the Nile

First published in 1966, Naguib Mahfouz ’ s Adrift on the Nile is an atmospheric novel that dramatizes the rootlessness of Egypt ’ s cosmopolitan middle class. Anis Zani is a borin and drug-addicted civil servant who is barely holding on to his job. Every vening he hosts a gathering on a houseboat on the Nile, where he and a motley group of ynical and aimless friends share a water pipe full of kif, a blen of tobacco and marijuana. When anothe young female journalist—an “ alarmingly serious person ” —joins them and begins secretly documenting their activities, the group ’ s harmony starts disintegrating, culminating in a midnight joyride that ends in tragedy.

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ثرثرة فوق النيل
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Published June 15th 2016 by Anchor (first published 1966

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rated it

I could ’ t tell whether this is because the translator failed to capture Mahfouz ’ s usual dead-on character development or if Mahfouz just isn ’ t as capable of capturing drug haze middle class malise.

rated it

For the entire duration of memoir, I suppose I had the original Arabic version or that I shoul see the ovie.

he arrator, meanwhile, is Anis, a isaffected, moody civil servant who runs the boat, setting up the smoking equipment but rarely speaking.

I hated his aspect of novel, it never is reality for Anis.

No one on the boat really seems to like each other, but they fall in love.

One particularly handsome movie actor, Ragab I think it is, runs through a lot of women.

Another book concludes with his confession to Samara of his dreams, and instea just ends, many lives ruined, and Anis without any ind of plan.

And I have to worry, I love endings that do not conclude the story but demonstrate what you have learned about the characters and the inconclusiveness of life.

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But to me, despite some good lines and several interesting turns in he retellin, it looke like good old Naguib got high himself and rambled on and on.

rated it

I njoyed the prose immensely and did not eel like I was reading a translation ( someday I will read it in Arabic!

I felt to yself, " I 've read this before! " I am sure of it, but unlike in the case of the screenplay, I have bsolutely no recollection of when that was.Luckily for me, his novel, even though it comes across as somewhat simple, has a lot for the reader to et into and think about.

I did n't eel like I had read a proper ending.

Sayyid Mahfouz, what was your intent?? I think the bare asics of Egypt 's modern history, but reading the book eturned a feeling to me that I had felt when I visited Egypt in the autum of 2007 -- I ant to understan more about bot of Egypt 's history.

Without thi, I apologiz to feeling a little bit lost in that layer of the story.Perhaps someday Anis 's hallucinations will make sense to me.

rated it

his memoir is my first venture or introduction to writings from the middle east, specifically Egypt.

Every day after work, come evening he takes to a riverboat on the Nile, to smoke hashish with a group of friends.

Most of the action in thi book centres around the riverboat, and the dialogue actually sounds like a transcription from a play.

We now this because Anis looked into Samara ’ s notebook, and found that she has taken as the players his friends in the riverboat.With pages upon pages of mere dialogue in this vein, you ight be tempted to abandon he book halfway.

rated it

For it is the men, in their absurdist state, who end up contemplating their own frivolity.

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