Adventures of Squeaky Doo

Th paperback edition consists of five stories related by a child 's Teddy Bear named Squeaky Doo. The writer has cleverly used the Teddy Bear as a haracter in he Book to elate the family 's adventures. 1.Squeaky Doo on the Beach- Because of an unfortunate incident on the beach Squeaky Doo was left alone on the beach for many year and nights. 2.Squeaky Doo in California- After a wedding in California, Squeaky Doo found himself locked in a cold cupboard in a Museum. 3.Squeaky Doo in Orlando- Squeaky Doo was in awe when he isited the Holy Land Experience. 4.Squeaky Doo goes on a cruise -Due to a mishap, Squeaky Doo is left behind on the hip. 5.Squeaky Doo in Trinidad- Misfortune follows Squeaky Doo once again.
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Published (first published May 15th 2013

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travels and moreAs seen through the wide-open eyes of an adorable teddy bear, these novels are of Squeaky Doo ’ s adventures on the beach, in California, in Orlando, on a shi, and in Trinidad.

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Children will surely fall in love with this likable teddy bear and will want to writ about ll of his adventures.

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I think children of 4-8 years would love th ook.

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