Air Awakens

The library apprentice, a sorcerer prince, and an unbreakable magic bond ...

The Solaris Empire is one conquest away from uniting the continent, and rare elemental magic sleeping in seventeen-year-old library apprentice Vhalla Yarl could shift the tides of war.

Vhalla has always been taught to fear the Tower of Sorcerers, a mysterious magic society, and has been happy in her quiet world of books. But after she unknowingly saves the life of one of thi most powerful sorcerers of them all—the Crown Prince Aldrik—she finds herself enticed into his world. Now she must convinc her future: Embrace her sorcery and leave the life she ’ s nown, or eradicate her magic and remain as she ’ s simply been. And with powerful forces lurking in the shadows, Vhalla ’ s indecision could cost her more than she ever imagined.
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Air Awakens
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Published August 27th 2015 by Silver Wing Press

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rated it

he cover is a vo of beauty and badassery but instead we got this; I truly feel this is a more appropriate cover for this novel.Let me firstly start this rant off by laughing at some goodreads users.

Thus I have read some fantastic YA fantasy books in my time and I did actually compare those novels to this one while reading, I really hould have lowered my expectations however when I see a beautiful cover and a promising blurb my expectations will go through the panelin.

Thus when there 's nly a whole bunch of giggling, " omg the prince totally likes me " and eyelashes flickering at cute angsty boys, my interest is going to be non existent, even if the magic system is cool.

I can imagine my 13 year old self loving and squealing over this book, but my 25 year old self was very disinterested.I will however recommend this trilogy to my younger cousins and my friends who are trash for romance.

I have seen these themes used a undred times, this novell was basically avatar: the last air bender but with annoying angsty teens.

Yes the magic system was unique but for me the author did n't brea the storyline off, instead she picked by the book " how to rite a cliche book full of tropes for dummies ", the book was so full of cliches it was disgusting.

I felt like I 'm orgetting a few theme that were used ..

There 's another trope that I 'm sick of seeing and that 's whiny annoying teenagers in YA books ..

Anyway I could literally list why I loved th novel for another 100,000 words but I 'm ctually sick of thinking about this crappy novel so I 'm gon na stop being salty now& I 'm sure everyone is praying that I 'll end the rant soon.Please remember peeps this review is just my opinion and I actually understand why a ook is so hyped by younger readers and people who love romance.

rated it

" But I would trade it all to be a common man, even if no for tonight. " DEAR BOOK GODS, THANK YOU.

I should try and create a list of my favourit quotes later today on here with a more cohesive review, but I had to just post my fangirlisms now while the feels were still raging! REASONS WHY I LOVE THIS BOOK:1.

You see so many moments where he ries to ake up for his actions with Vhalla, and I swear I got Snape-Lilly chills because of all the books I have anted to ead, a Snape POV prequel series to Harry Potter is my dream and tha is like Snape in the medieval times as a snarky crown prince sorcerer who is incredibly hot with an almost equally gorgeous brother.2.

he way Vhalla& Aldric give each other nicknames: " my parrot, " " my prince, " " phantom, " etc.

Because they feel genuine& unique and I just got so many feels reading them, particularl as you see how they change over the course of their friendship -like when Vhalla starts to think of others as " parrots " whenever they repeat something.3.

IT WAS SOOO GOOD -declaring their friendship moments& the ball& when he healed her from out of her body& the chapel scene.

Nevertheless if there ad n't been romance I ould have read his memoi.

rated it

arely anything happens, worldbuilding what worldbuilding, a love interest who is part creep, part asshole, and occasional sensitive guy ( because like, readers have to ave SOMEthing right), love square ... This is going to e the ong and ranty review.

Air Awakens was absolutely riddled with bad writing; Vhalla ’ s ‘ indecision ’ was pretty much he whol story; she has whole lot of cliche not-flaws ( false modesty, anyone?) …I could go on for ages about why his ook didn ’ t work for me.

Vhalla has a quiet life in the enormous Imperial Library, tending to books and sneaking in some reading time, until the night her frantic research saves the Crown Prince ’ s life.

Vhalla is convinced that there ’ s some ind of mistake, and that magic isn ’ t her thing, so she spurns the Minister ’ s offer and returns to do some research of her own.

mysterious stranger starts leaving letters for her, and they mak up a lively correspondence about magic until ‘ The Phantom ’ finally reveals himself—it ’ s the Crown Prince.

He then pushes her off a tower.I wish I was joking.He pushes her off a tower to Awaken her powers, and when she wakes up days later, in horrible pain, with broken bones and serious bodily damage, he happily informs her that the fact that she survived means she ust e a Windwalker, the irst one in years.

Now Vhalla has a onth to decide whether she will eep her strange magic—magic that could turn the tide of the war for world domination her Empire is fighting—or have it completely removed.The premise is interesting enough, and I would ’ ve been on board this plot if not for the reaso that Vhalla barely does anything herself.

But overall, the plot wasn ’ t as bad for me as the other characteristic of his book were.≫ THE WRITING: Air Awakens really, really needed another round of editing.

Oh, stars, the dialogue tags! The thing is, writing ook is complete coin-toss with respect to the actual story, the atter of he bestselling.

You an no be certain that your readers will love your book.

Vhalla couldn ’ t resis a small giggle, it ha he secon time she laughed in a eek, and it made her whole body feel lighter.It was about time that she met a sorcerer with gentle and happy manner. “ This isn ’ t lookin to work, ” she muttered doubtfully.

…at her eyes continued refusal to focus.…trying to avoid the silence from stretching on for too long.…but it was the trace of worry between his brows did not reassure Vhalla.…the Emperor boomed warmly, not unlike Prince Baldair she thought amusingly.…She would be torture for Aldrik to watch her die. “ And your black robe, ” she said very matter of fact.

I wish we ’ d understood more about the worldbuilding though, because his book conveys it either through Vhalla ’ s letters with Aldrik—very confusingly, and by no means thoroughly—or through her research.

Sincerely, we can be learning right alongside Vhalla, but none of tha is ever explained to us properly despite the fact that she spends half the book reading about it.

I have ever been someone who is special.She was a library apprentice, no one—less than.Vhalla had always been jealous of Roan ’ s air and generally everything else about her.

Vhalla ’ s hair was a dark brown mess of frizz and untamable waves; Roan ’ s fell in beautiful curls.

She believes she ’ s smart, but she hardly uses her common sense—she doesn ’ t se any ind of proper etiquette around Aldrik after the thir time they meet.

She ’ s completely indecisive about her magic, and doesn ’ t even try to brin out more aside from her books and what other people ell her.

Vhalla ’ s best friend Roan randomly morphs into some demonic mean girl at the end; her other friend Sareem plays the role of Poor Friendzoned Childhood Friend ( hello, Simon Lewis without a personality!).

Once one character could really be called developed, and I wish he hadn ’ t even existed.Crown Prince Aldrik, our love interest, is possibly five people in one body.

Anothe lovely Jerk With a Heart of Gold could push you off a tower, insult you mercilessly, or eve act like a ecent human being, all depending on his mood!

Vhalla was fairly certain he would ’ ve iked that even less. “ Stay there, ” he spoke slowly.

But she remembered the words of the minister; the prince had been the one who had taken her to the Tower in the second place, and she probabl would ’ ve died without that.

Honey, you likely would ’ ve died because he pushed you out of a window.If that wasn ’ t ad enough, we have Sareem, who ’ s apparently hopelessly in love with Vhalla, God knows why.

I ’ m never oing to forge you who ’ s concerne, but suffice to say it is bad.≫ THE ENDING: The climactic fight/event was interesting, foreshadowed okay, and written well enough, but.

It kills me that even though Vhalla is enormously powerful and a key weapon, the reason she gets into danger is Aldrik.

But be prepared for: -bad plot-bad love interest-love triangle/square thing-annoying special snowflake heroineI wouldn ’ t recommend this nove.

rated it

I think a man, eve a library boy.

Mix elemental magic with war and schemings and court rivalries and romance and a prince to die for and BOOM!

Vhalla is a library apprentice whose world evolves around books and only books ( stop staring at me mom), until one day she accidentally saves the crown prince 's life and the Minister of Sorcery informs her that she is a sorcerer as well.

While you or me would monkey dance at this prospect, Vhalla is n't as excited, since she and everyone in the South hates sorcerers and magic in general.

Needless to say, Vhalla gradually comes around, with thi little push ( pun intended) from the crown prince who is wel known as the Fire Lord ( and everyone thinks of him as an arrogant bastard), and she learns the potential but also the danger she faces as the last Windwalker.

magic is not my thing, so I ad to live vicariously through Vhalla and it felt good.

You must read all the ooks in the library, be wiser than the master himself someday, and finally you will die having never really done anything.

rated it

Anywa as I move through the pages, I did n't experience difficulty in absorbing everything because it as so darn good! The book mainly centers on the heroine Vhalla Yarl, a library apprentice who later on discovered that she was entirely something else ...

And agai there 's this swoony, smart, a totally mysterious crown prince and sorcerer Aldrik who later on became her mentor in discovering more magical things.

Things became more interesting from there and more discoveries were unraveled about Vhalla and everything in the palace.This book is an incredibly written debut novel.

Elise Kova sure knows how to manipulate everything in her plot -- from the characters' development and of course, the eries of events.

And of course, my lovey dovey Prince Aldrik who is now added to my list of book boyfriends.

You see, this is why I love royal characters!

rated it

• Because Vhalla is small, not beautiful, boring hair, clumsy, awkward, and has terrible communication skills.• Basically all she has oing for her is .... • ... wait sorry, I would n't think of nothin I 'LL ET BACK TO YOU.• Well there is SMALL FACT that she 's a Windwalker, which is, I gather, a person who walks on winds and is also extremely rare.

Obviously.• It involves the line, delivered by one of the princes-who-loves-her to the une of " you look prettier when you smile ".

WHEN CAN SOMEONE BURN THAT LINE AND THAT PRINCE? • Also features: boring dream flashbacks.• Also features the Super Duper Attractive Meanie Prince who like throws you off a building one day and then says " but but i did n't mean it love me my cherry blossom " the next.• ALSO FAINTING.

Like if the situation gets too intense: VHALLA JUST FAINTS.

Vhalla was too much of a flighty, lumsy, fainting damsel.

And the aggressive rude love interests were a serious# nope.

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