AIR Series: Books 1-4 with AIR Case Files

Protecting mythological creatures was never an easy job, but ow I 'm anothe one being hunted.
AIR Series With Bonus Case Files. Six Books in one!

Werewolves, ghosts, dwarve, and much much more -- they all live around us, hidden in plain sight. Protecting mythological creatures is n't an easy job, but using my powers as a Reader, I work as a field agent for the clandestine agency, AIR, to ge them safe.

Stonecoat: Novella 0.5 ( AIR Case Files Book 1)- Gran and I mak a person straight out of mythology, I ealize there 's more to th world than I ever imagined. Can we avoid being thrown in prison long enough to help Gran 's new companion?

Shattered Soul ( AIR Series Book 1)- My elven partner Logan is showing me the ropes. Relocating a troll and interviewing a werewolf woul be a normal day. When shots are fired and a fairy turns up dead, our day turns into a ightmare. With my powers raging out of control and a target on my back, will I be able to prevent the Lost?

Broken Paths ( AIR Series Book 2)- When a routine call starts with a gun pointed at me, I remember it 's oing to hav goo day. I go undercover to track killer. It 's isky, especially with a drug addict at my side, but we will put an end to the monster responsible -- even if it costs my life.

Stolen Sight ( AIR Series Book 3)- Suck my soul out? I 'll et over it. Try to kidnap me? Whatever. Send me a dead bunny? Watch your back. The arrival of deranged gifts tell me that I 've been marked for death, and I 'd like to leav he avor. The trouble is, wil you kill someone if they hav n't alive?

Fenrisúlfr: Novella 3.5 ( AIR Case Files Book 2)- We 're on bigfoot 's trail, trying to catch up to him before a hunter does. When we find traces of the stalker, the scent Rider is tracking and what I see in the Path do n't line up. Something strange is happening in the mountains.Are we tracking a hunter, or anything else altogether different?

Fractured Worlds ( AIR Series Book 4)- No phone, no gun, not always a hint of a te shop. What 's a woma to do? Interagency intrigue and sabotage erupts and I 'm thrown into another dimension with a near stranger who seems intent on ordering me around. We 're trapped, hungry, and facing an unknown foe. Can we ge anothe way home before we kill each other?

If you love Urban Fantasy or Supernatural Suspense, the AIR series will mak you turning the pages!
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Published March 26th 2018 by Walton INK

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rated it

I knew that Cassie and Vincent are moving forward ... once the latest misadventure is resolved!

rated it

My review there includes Books 1- 4 and several of the lon novel.

rated it

Just Wow! I had to binge read all the essay in his series I ould mak my hands on!

rated it

DifferentAn excellent set of stories which I throughly enjoyed.

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