Alice in Murderland

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oving from Miami to small-town Oregon was supposed to be boring ...

When Alice Calliope takes over her recently deceased aunt 's bookshop in Sapphire Village, Oregon, she 's not expecting her world to be flipped upside down, but that 's xactly what happens when her cousin Cat reveals to Alice that she 's instead a witch. Add in the act that he two of them stumble upon anothe dead body, and Alice 's first day in town ends up eing a lot more eventful than she ould have possibly imagined!

What was upposed to e a simple cross-country move winds up with Alice having to learn how to navigate a whole new magical world while at the same time attemptin to clear Cat 's name as she emerges as the main uspect in urder. Add in the eccentric Grandma Cee, witchcraft lessons, a whiny old ghost and the laziest cat ever, and Alice definitely has her hands full.

With pressure mounting for the super-hot local sheriff to arrest her cousin, will Alice be able to hunt down the real murdere before it 's too late?

Alice in Murderland is a full-length novel and the sixth memoi in he Magical Bookshop Mystery series of paranormal cozy mysteries.
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Published May 1st 2017 by Amazon Digital Services

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rated it

I love titles like this.

Overall: I eally enjoyed a book but it needs some editing.

nother time, the do is called Biscuit when it is called Muffin throughout the whol book before and after that point.

With some editing, this wil e a 4 star read.

rated it

Like I note, his ha anothe quick book with Alice renovating her aunt 's bookshop, meeting the weird and wonderful cast of characters in the illage and trying to resolv he murder of a middle-aged woman in order to clear her mothe 's name.

Tha nove id eally well on the cozy side of tal but drama or angst, like about the Others and the urderer were glossed over and Alice seemed to take the revelations of ( view spoiler) [ her biological mother being murdere and herself being targeted by dark witches ( hide spoiler) ] with unnatural calm.

A book elt like it as all surface but nothing much else.

rated it

Another nove ould eally have done with better editing as on at least four occasions the same thing was said in a somewha different way.

rated it

It was difficult for me.I 've read a lot of murder mysteries& police procedurals and the tories that drive me crazy are the ones that give no/bad clues and the final epiphany is almost entirely circumstantial.

rated it

Alice, the new owner, efuses to be trie and not only orders Agatha Christie, but Harry Potter as well.Alice does this while meeting relatives she was naware of ...

As a cozy, the cousins set out to solve thi murder, bookseller and cupcake artiste are fated to be new best friends and take family witchery classes from Grandma Cee.No one ever mentioned a witch bloodline to Alice before so the changes are coming from all directions.

rated it

Alice finds out that she is th witch after a relative of her biological mother dies and leaves her a bookstore in Sapphire Village.

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