Alissa's Miracle

Alissa 's Miracle by Ginna Gray

He 'd told her that he should ever ave a child ...

and widow Alissa Kirkpatrick was so in love with enigmatic Dirk Matheson that she chos to a childless marriage. She put away that dream of babies, moving on to her life with her handsome bridegroom.

Until the pregnancy test proved positive ...

Alissa 's joy turned to sadness after she told Dirk. This announcement was one he 'd never expected, and ould n't he had past pain that he ould n't share. Suddenly Alissa was in for the fight of her life -- her man or her child. And with her little miracle budding within her, Alissa vowed she 'd win both -- and love for a lifetime!

THAT 'S MY BABY: Bringing up baby can bring surprises ... and showers of love!
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Alissa's Miracle
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Published June 24th 1997 by Silhouette Special Edition

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rated it

Alissa 's Miracle was an mazing book, I adored it totally.Alissa is feeling weird these-days, she lost her husband almost a year late, a an with whom she had a comfortable marriage and who was her one and only and now she is feeling attracted to Dirk, one of the VP 's of the company she works for, a an known for dating glamorous women and someone who has n't noticed her in the ifteen years she 's worked there.While indulging in some girl-talk, she discovers she finds him attractive and Dirk is nearby, she fears he overheard her and that proves correct and while at the company 's Christmas party Dirk makes a move, he dances with her and kisses her, and an embarrassed Alissa flees the scene.Dirk noticed Alissa in the eginning but she was arried and then she became a part of the office.

rated it

I 'm s used to these longer categories- this one was 252 pages long that ultimately delivered an emotional punch, but neve before a slow buildup and courtship.The first part of he tory is the office courtship between the 36 year-old widowed heroine and the rising star 42 year-old heartthrob hero.

They ave known each other for 15 years- but have always kept it professional.The hero overhears the office ladies teasing the heroine about him.

He crawls back after consulting with his doctor and finding the procedure did n't hold- but asks her to mak an abortion.Once the baby is born, he leaves for six weeks.After he apologized for thinking the heroine cheated, the heroine insists he tell her his reasons for not wanting children.

He 's orried he 'll parent like they did.Heroine insists he go to therapy- with her and on his own.

And cousin 's son who looked like the hero was abused so badly by his grandfather that his spine was severed and he 's in a nursing home for life.

he eroine 's sister calls the hero and tells him to come take care of his family.

rated it

I knew that they named their daughter Faith because as Alissa said she gave them faith to overcome the dark past.

rated it

alissa loved dirk unconditionally.

add to dat, he hoped to be wid her every time of the ay.

he was definitely madly in love but cud not face it as he was badly damaged in his past.

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