Alive in Him: How Being Embraced by the Love of Christ Changes Everything


Uncover the Immeasurable Love of Christ

God ’ s grand plan for the redemption of his creation has been in motion since before time began. The nove of Ephesians lays out this glorious vision, revealing what Christ 's redemptive work means for the resident of God and showing us how we might live in light of that reality.

live in Him draws us into the main themes in thi ook of Ephesians, showing us how the blessings we have received in Christ empower our obedience and love for God. Designed to be read alongside an open Bible, live in Him encourage us apply Paul 's letter to our daily lives, reminding us of our purpose on earth and directing our gaze to the dream of Jesus Christ—a love that has the power to transform how we live.

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Published March 16th 2017 by Crossway (first published March 2017

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But sometimes we need to be aske to theologically grow up ( Heb. 5:11–14) .But Lewis ’ s aim is to awaken us to greater and more glorious things than we have ever seen before, to see new oceanic depths in Scripture, for those eage to push out into deeper water by asking questions over things like God ’ s glory as the purpose of creation, and what it means that Christ as the first-born from the dead, and the re-creator of all things.

Gloria Furman celebrates the ocean-deep theology of Ephesians, Paul ’ s most important letter in describing the far-reaching, cosmic consequences and Christ-victory sermon of our rather routine activities that comprise most of our daily lives.

But Furman — taking her queues from the Apostle Paul ’ s development in Ephesians — takes this cosmic victory, and coming re-creation, and hen works the victory back into daily life, shining spotlight on the newfound glory of our everyday obedience. “ Jesus is about his business of redeeming all things and making all things new, ” Gloria writes — “ from the way a wife trusts her husband ’ s leadership, to the way a husband lays down his comfort for the sake of his ife; from the way a believing child relinquishes her opinion to follow mom and dad, to the way parents choose to be entle and patient toward their kids instead of rude and exasperating; from the way a worker honors his boss at work, to the way supervisors generously give their employees everything they need plus more.

These acts of submission are not for the sake of mere efficiency in light of the motherland, but they re the tiny mustard seeds of Christ ’ s kingdom, which is growing as its branches spread throughout the whole earth ” ( 148–149) .The nuclear re-creation of the cosmos to come is now breaking out in atomic pinlights of daily actions of God ’ s new creations ( those of us united to Christ).

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ather than studying Ephesians verse-by-verse, the uthor took a section at a time and explored its theme.

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And individually they are new creations walking in humility, gentleness, and kindnes.

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While I an explai why others may view it as dry, I hought the content was appropriate for Furman 's goal of explaining the text of Paul 's letter.

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The rony in the script, of course, is that Doc is also thinking about everythin that is “ heavy. ” Premise/plot: Gloria Furman 's Alive In Him is a study on the ook of Ephesians.

Living wholeheartedly according to his Word, as we are well aware, requires a powerful work of grace that comes from the almighty God himself. " I efinitely enjoyed reading his one.

And, yes, it did kee me hungry to read this ook of Ephesians again.

I care deeply whether my sister is being carried away by winds of false doctrine through the pages of the latest chart-topping, so-called Christian book.

I am no excited to remind brothers and sisters of this profound truth: there is no such thing as a boring “ born-again birth story. ” If you have been redeemed out of the kingdom of darkness and transferred to the kingdom of God ’ s Son, then your salvation was planned before time in the council of the triune Godhead.

Our deadness is interrupted by rich mercy, and we are raised to life in the throes of un-looked-for upheavals of joy.

A sens of tasting and seeing of God ’ s goodness tells us that there is ore to life than what we can taste and see.

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