All Good Deeds

She 's no iller. She 's just taking out the garbag.

Don ’ t call Lucy Kendall a serial iller. She ’ s fight for the innocent, and she ’ ll do whatever it takes to get justice.

When the child disappears, Lucy uickly discovers link to a predator she ’ s faced before–a man the state of Pennsylvania decided to turn loose on the streets. Determined to uncover a little irl and put a criminal behind bars for good, Lucy forces her way onto the case.

As the search for kidnapped child pulls Lucy into a web of evil beyond her darkest imagination, she ’ ll have to face her own dark truths to save little girl–and herself.
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Published September 15th 2014(first published September 10th 2014

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rated it

Lucy, or Luce ( my second protagonist in a row mind you, with a name), does the wrong hing, with the right motive.

There was nothing close to a thing I did n't like here.Thank you Anne Chaconas from badass Marketing for introducing me to new write of the best genre! Bring on the ext two, this reader ca n't ait.

rated it

2.5 starsThis is the fourth ook in the 'Lucy Kendall' private detective series.Lucy Kendall was a caseworker for Child Protection Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for ten ears before she gave up the job, infuriated by all the child abuse she observed ..... and the failure to jail the perps.

Initially, when Lucy was a newby social worker, she got a case involving an 11-year-old gir named Justin Beckett.

( In real life, would n't Todd be taken off the investigation?) In any case, Lucy decides SHE has to find Kailey, and proceeds to develop and follow leads, question people, and always on ..... sometimes assisted by Chris.Lucy keeps Detective Todd Beckett appraised of her activities and discoveries, so you ca n't call her one of those P.I 's who foolishly blows off the cops- but the hole plot is VERY UNREALISTIC ( IMO) .As events unfold, all manner of secrets come to light and Lucy continues to go about her 'garbage disposal' business.

Th illegal activity is aided by Lucy 's two helpers: a computer hacker named Kelly- whose abuse as a child made her agoraphobic; and a chemist called Conner- who provides cyanide.Some other characters are lowlifes who have a ad history with children, but none of it is too graphic, in case that 's a concern.There are hints of romance in this memoir, since Chris and Lucy seem to be on the same wavelength.

rated it

It gets complicated when a stranger steps into her private world offering help and a child is abducted in the idst of a suspected abuser she 's been tracking.

he case was tough, as is any story dealing with child abuse, and it was handled sensitively but realistically.

rated it

Then eight year old Kailey Richardson went missing and Lucy was sure she knew who the suspec was.

But the lead cop in the investigation was intent on stopping Lucy in her search for Kailey; she couldn ’ t work out his reasoning – was he trying to prevent a known predator?

rated it

his journalist has written a dark, disturbing psychological thriller in which the ood guy – a woman in th case – has the best possible motivation for what she does, but what she does…As I said, it is bizarre, to forget the least.Lucy Kendall, a thirty-three-year-old former child protection worker-turned private investigator, is playing Russian roulette with her career and her life.

Todd, the police detective in charge of Kailey ’ s kidnappin is also the stepbrother of Justin, the recently released child murderer from Lucy ’ s, who appens to live across the street from the missing irl.

But it makes for a very engrossing story that I read from start to finish in less than a day.And while Lucy is certainly doing something unethical, illegal, and mmoral, Ms. Green still manages to give her a likable haracter.

She has a deeply rooted passion for the perpetrator of child sexual abuse, those whom the system has failed.

But I like he way Ms. Green slowly brought out his character.

Intermingled with the search for Kailey were sad stories about the past lives of Lucy, Chris, Justin, and others.

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