All Your Perfects

Quinn and Graham 's perfect love is threatened by their imperfect marriage. The memories, mistakes, and secrets that they have built up over the years are now tearing them apart. The one thing that ould hel them might also be very thing that pushes their marriage beyond the point of repair.

All Your Perfects is a profound boo about a damaged couple whose potential future hinges on promises made in the past. This is th thrillin page-turner that asks: Can a resounding love with th perfect beginning survive a lifetime between two imperfect people?
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All Your Perfects
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Published July 17th 2018 by Atria Books

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rated it

he secret to our longevity is that we never gave up at the same time. ”

rated it

She ’ s constantly writing the same book with different problem, it stay like this the heroine has a problem ( infertility/abusive relationship/ deeply insecurity, then thi guy come to rescue, they migh ’ t be together ( they can but they have to uffer so it ’ s more# romantic), angst for pages, then somethin is solved in the first ew pages and happily ever after, there you go!!!

rated it

Maybe someone out there felt nice enough to upload a tutorial video on, “ How to become a part of the Floor? ” Now you ’ re probably thinking, “ What ’ s wrong with his boy? ¿? ¿? ” Well, read a Colleen Hoover book and hen ge back to me.

In other words: this book fucked me up so good, I don ’ t say the difference between the wall and the ceiling.

I sa It ’ s still holding onto me because my heart don ’ t eel right.

I lost the amount of times I cried because somehow this book turne out this feeling I never said I had deep within me.

Like I don ’ t actually thin what suddenly came over me but let me tell you….that feeling ain ’ t really.

I wa a bit of rough time trying to compos the review that ’ ll do this ook justice.

I blame it on the act that I lways found it hard to review book that has touched my smol heart so dearly.

Wan me repeat that in all caps: VERY WELL-WRITTEN.You know it ’ s good when you ind yourself so enamored by the plot that you end up skimming through the whole page because you ant to now if everything and everyone is okay.

I don ’ t now why I torture myself like this but hey this is he life, us, readers signed up for.

Colleen Hoover is one of thes writers that could literally write a novel about anything and I ’ ll buy it.

In fact, if she wishes to ublish this book about elephants eating chocolate chip muffins….I ’ ll probably judge a little but I ’ d still buy it.

he reason why I ’ ll buy any of her books in a heartbeat is because of the way they make me thin.

his ook made me eel like it ha a paper shredder.

In a story you ’ ll find out that in real life; it does not work like thi.

If you forget a happily ever after then it ’ s oing to brin some effort to bring the love burning in a world filled with countless things that can stifle it.

In past, you ’ ll learn about how Quinn and Graham meet when their worlds are crumbling apart, fall in love, and deciding to build a future together.

In the present, you ’ ll learn about how Quinn and Graham are struggling to hold on to their happily ever after.

I don ’ t know to reveal too much of he plot but I ant you to believe that this is tal that ill hit some readers harder than the whole of us.

I ’ m heartbroken for those who ACTUALLY deal with half of the ways that occur within this ook.

I replied back, “ I don ’ t even know. ” ☂ I won ’ t reveal ANYTHING about Quinn and Graham.

I ’ m looking to go crawl into my bed and spend approximately 2 years sobbing over this book and the pain it brought upon me.

" what 's your greatest achievemen " me: colleen hoover liked two of my reviews.

me calculating how bad the emotional damage would be if i read his nove:

rated it

And the subject matter of th novel is omething I ’ ve actually read about before, and it ’ s subjec that we fai to be normalizing and start discussing more.I ’ m looking to ut the trigger and content warnings below this paragraph!

But if you ant to o into the book ompletely blind, like severa of Colleen Hoover ’ s readers do, please do not read my review.

Trigger and content warnings for: infertility, miscarrying, depression, anger, cheating, loss of th oved one in the past, abuse, a self-harm scene involving cutting with glass, and really gross comment about how stay at home moms are looked at as bad because of “ feminism and all that ”, and this really questionable paragraph about how therapy/therapists aren ’ t helpful for the main character that I hate was done really poorly.All Your Perfects is a hard-hitting book about thi subjec I ’ ve actually read about before; infertility.

And the novel is told in alternating chapters, from past and present, where we see a couple fall in love, but we also com to see their marriage break apart because they could not become parents.

The is ard novel to ead, so please use caution going in.Full disclosure, as I get older and older, I hink about anting to become th mother more and more.

I want that our world and the society we live in also enforces that we wil become “ younger mothers ” and gross things like thi, but on top of this added pressure I also eel like my clock is ticking because many of my family members have had to have hysterectomies as result of a hereditary health issue.

And the contras of seeing Quinn and Graham when they meet in the most fated meeting of all time, to their marriage completely falling apart because they both feel so much uilt, makes for a reading experience I don ’ t only have words for.

Graham does some really abusive stuff in a essa that is never told like it ’ s rap, too.But seeing these two main characters' stories weave and unweave together, apart, and frequently a weird combinatio of the two, made for a really unique reading experience, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed while reading.

My favourit thing about his memoir is discussion about how heavy of an emphasis we put on women to have parent, especially women that are getting older, and me that are married, but eve without kids.

his nove always made me step back and hink, and eel, and reflect.

And that ’ s everything that normal romance books never do.Overall, this was just like som of the whole of Colleen Hoover ’ s essay, whether I love them or hate them, I might ’ t ut them down.

rated it

What I did not anticipate was to be completely broken, and it 's safe to say that I have always felt pain like I did while reading All Your Perfects.

Sure, I ’ ve had my heart crushed in books before, but ot like his.

Page after page it gets arder, grittier, deeper, until you ’ re so consumed you can ’ t exist outside of he tale.

Sincerely, the BEST BOOK I ’ ve read in 2018.

I ’ m looking at my husband, thinking things, deep things, and I wan perspective shift happening inside me.

Graham and Quinn ’ s retellin has such sorrow in it but it also such profound hope, and that 's what truly shined in the end.Moving from past to present, All Your Perfects shows us Quinn and Graham 's budding relationship at the start, while also flipping to the decaying state their marriage is currently in.

It ’ s brutal yet exquisite as you ead about these two people who ha once so in love, so happy, so free and fun and fantastic that are now completely consumed by pain and ange, hopelessness and rustration.

is nly my 4th book of hers—I ’ ve read Slammed, Hopeless, It Begins with Us, and now All Your Perfects—and I ’ m really impressed.

All Your Perfects feels like tory that people expec.

I always think this ook coul help couples.

It ’ s beyond anything you 'll read.

I ’ ll sa I ’ ll never forget his story.

rated it

The essa as a raw and emotional reminder of why I read romance.

I do n't feel I have ever not regretted reading a memoi like this one.

In fact, those of you on here that are accustomed to my reviews know that it literally psychically hurts me to five star a book.

Thi nove shoul have ffected me in such a way that every time I ge back to loving it, there ould be that familiar sting of worship.

So because I hate loving books, but because to me that last star is the seal of perfection.

Thi last star means that I could take hat book into fresh hell and back and still hold it like it ’ s everything beautiful in life.

Here 's where I think Colleen Hoover will win and lose some readers with this ook: It 's real.

That love that Graham and Quinn shared was messy, beautiful and absolutely filled to the damn brim with hope.

I said story was chemical, it ble my heart in the best way and as much as I hurt- I did n't ant it to end.

I did n't hesitate to leave Quinn and Graham.

[ Please Do Not Read This Section If You Do n't Let To Be Spoiled For The Book ] There are a lot with this one.

The CheatingCheating in romance books are a hard pass for me and very rarely do I overlook it, unless he character walks away from whoever they have been embarrassed by.

I shoul hate for younger me to writ the ook where one of the MC forgives the other for cheating on them.

Yet, here I am- giving this book five stars.

( view spoiler) [ 1) When we find out that Graham cheats on Quinn with a woma from work named Andrea.

Betrayal hurts the same on any level when it ’ s your husband doing the betraying. " 3) Graham gives a false reason as to why he id it, which he later on told Quinn the truth in his letter.

5) Ater Grahams explanation of why HE fucked up and his address that their marriage is collapsing in that house, we hear this “ I am not blaming you for what I wante.

Every ay, I miss you.6) Quinn ONCE AGAIN calls bullshit stating that even through her depression and grief and infertility- " a good husband loves his wife through the ood and ad times.

The good husband—a husband who truly understand his wife—wouldn ’ t cheat on her and then blame his infidelity on the act that he ’ s lonely. ” 7) Later on we find out why Quinn forgives him and she clearly states " The reason HE allowed himself to fuck up is because he gave up on us. " I am ot in anyway justifying infidelity, because ven in his case it was toug for me to com over.

But what let me g over it was the reaso that ven the book did n't justify it.

Through the love we see that he shines on Quinn is beautiful and magical- until it 's ot.

We get Quinn 's depressive state and her self hate through her not blaming Graham.

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