The faction-based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered- fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and grie. So when offered th chance to revisi the world past the limits she 's known, Tris is ready. Perhaps beyond the fence, she and Tobias will find a simple new life together, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties, and painful memories.

But Tris 's new reality is even more alarming than the one she left behind. Old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless. Explosive new truths change the hearts of those she loves. And nce again, Tris must battle to comprehend to complexities of human nature- and of herself- while facing impossible choices about courage, loyalt, sacrifice, and heartach.

Told from a riveting dual perspective, ALLEGIANT, by# 1 New York Times best-selling author Veronica Roth, brings the DIVERGENT series to a powerful conclusion while revealing the secrets of the dystopian world that has captivated millions of readers in DIVERGENT and INSURGENT.
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Published October 22nd 2013 by HarperCollins Children's Book's

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rated it

So if I leave my thoughts, I know I can at least pass on why th ook has 1.5 stars and not a glistening five.We start off with the notion that there is th whole world beyond Chicago ’ s fence.

Now lem me explain: if this convoluted plot actually made sense and didn ’ t leave me wanting to o awa to the equally stupid but at least interesting concept of the factions, then I wouldn ’ t be as war as I am.

I ’ ll be stumbling into some spoilers so it ’ s no fair that I slam the spoiler button.Here Comes the Boom Breakdown ( view spoiler) [ WRITING/PLOTWHY THE EVERLOVING FUCK DID THIS TAKE SO LONG.Divergent, as you might of guessed, made me interested in he series because the pacing, while crippling and slow, left a snap to it that kept me incredibly invested in whatever the hell was going on.

Stil we have shit called computers that have as much potential as the baby TV/computer/telephone things we shove in our pockets.There ’ s no way a system of Factions would last a century without something like the Hunger Games where a war might ’ ve happened and possibly failed.Now I ’ m assuming this was seen as ridiculous, because Allegiant takes this society and makes it an experiment.

Thanks, you adorable squares! NO.LEARN A BIT OF BIO BEFORE YOU THINK THAT THIS MAKES ANY SORT OF SENSE.The Factions were formed as a means of living and value, why the cra does genetic material and serums even matter to VALUES and LIVING SITUATIONS.

act that I actuall got this was way of saying, “ dunno if you now that my character fucking loves the color chartreuse, but I HAVE TO TELL YOU.

: ( But yeah, the whole government was all about making city societies to forge these genetically pure people that do nothing but avoid the serums that they themselves produce because whatever.

THERE IS NO POINT TO THE SERUMS EXCEPT TO BE THERE.Another thing: I also wouldn ’ t mind the whole government creation of genetically pure breeding camps if it didn ’ t completely nullify the idea of the fucking Factions.

Like, why establish separation to that extreme and expect pure little genetic babies out of it? It ’ s always thought through in the slightest.

I wan the worst thing to happen was the characters, so I ’ m gon na go over that way.CHARACTERSTris, first and foremost, is a LOT worse than she was in Insurgent.

Because she didn ’ t care about Caleb at all ( while also totally understandable), I ’ m left with this conclusion of “ Uhhh?? ” for why Tris took Caleb ’ s position when he clearly chose to redeem himself.TOBY, however, got infinitely worse in his essay.

Tris actually sits and ponders if she really wants to deal with Toby if he keeps acting the way he does, and Toby, while a bit sad about that decision making, understands and doesn ’ t infringe upon it.

They ave no arcs or situations, and the three people who came close to having such a thing were Christina, Uriah, and Peter.BUT WHAT HAPPENS?

He hurt and assaulted people in the third novel, somewhat gets betterby helping Tris because it benefited him, then WHOOSH he doesn ’ t know to deal with the effects of any of hat?

It omes out of the sky 80% of the way through he nove and blows up what his entire character was about.

I eel like deaths for characters should have some ort of reasoning attached.

Uriah had a great close, Christina was a little better and there was actual friend bonding with her and Toby which like…never happened until just then in that moment.Eh, minor characters aren ’ t allowed such interactions it seems.

It ’ s way too convoluted and unknowing of what the fuck it wants to be.

This reason that I wis to get awa to the Factions as they were is a message in and of itself.I feel like the book scarred me that way, but hey, guess what it did do.

rated it

( view spoiler) [ Right from the get-go, the book wastes little time with the petty conflict between the factions and the factionless.

In fact, this department is just so full of geniuses that they decided that instead of using the genetic engineering prowess they already had to us the genes of the genetically damaged offspring, they ha just gon na wait around for 8 generations until the problem just miraculously fixed itself.

nstead of rying to esolve the old conflict between the factionless and the factions, the book pretends to ake on th whole new conflict between the genetically pure and the genetically damaged, making the plot unnecessarily convoluted and leaving little to no room for proper character development.

Tris and Four 's switching POVs only disorient the reader further because as the ook ontinues, the characters voices lose their distinctions and start to sound more and more like each other.

While Tris may have been tougher in this ook than in Insurgent ( which is literally the only redeeming quality I 'm able to give book), Four 's character gets a complete top-to-bottom deconstruction.

Luckily, tensions are rising between the factionless and the Allegiant ( the group who wants to re-establish the faction system) and Evelyn decides she 's comin to use the Erudite death serum to wipe out her opponents.

( Can I also point out here that they used this memory-wiping serum before to trick the general population into thinking that the genetically damaged are alone the cause of the world 's problems?

So you know, there coul n't be massive protests or anything when the government faile to deliberately waste money trying to solve problem they knew was fucked to begin with.) A race against the clock ensues where Four goes back to Chicago to try and ipe the memories of his childre to stop them from fighting while Tris stays behind to try and steal this memory serum and use it on the Department themselves.

Thi book ets a little preachy right before this part where the characters start talking about how erasing someone 's memories is inherently evil -- -unless you have good intentions, of course.

The Department also has good intentions for using this serum on Chicago and saving the lives of housands of people, but fuck logic.

Of course, this nove makes these deaths a big deal but you 're sitting there like Back in at the Department of Genetic Welfare, Caleb is picked for the suicide mission of breaking into the top-security vault to steal the memory-wiping serum.

The ook has n't sufficiently fucked up already so instead of using a perfectly good opportunity for a back-stabbing character to redeem themselves, it 's just going to unnecessarily sacrifice the freaking main character because life is merciles and heartless goddammit!

From just a character perspective, it makes sense that Tris would sacrifice herself for the greater good.

We already know that Tris is a haracter who 's illing to sacrifice herself for the greater good.

Had she failed to using the memory serum, the worst thing that ould have happened was that Chicago would have been reset and the main conflict would have disappeared completely.

In fact, by stealing the memory serum, Tris effectively tosses up the fate of Chicago in the air.

rated it

I ad a few problems with it ( mainly that it spelled out a bit too much for the reader, lacked finesse with the handling of themes, and was sometimes pretty predictable) but the character development was breathtaking, the plot was heart-pounding and since it 's a young adult fiction, I think Veronica Roth did a pretty damn decent job:) Most readers are comin to love it.You know what?

I 'm still crying.To all those currently reading nove, see you in hell, comrades.

I believ with a hell lot of complaints made about th nove, and tha is why: ( view spoiler) [ Okay, straight up, I now most of us are upset ( read: brutally slaughtered) by the character death at the beginnin.

I 'm perfectly fine crying on my bed yelling " you HORRIBLE HORRIBLE WOMAN YOU RIPPED MY HEART OUT HOW COULD YOU " while sobbing into my pillow, but inside, I 'm eager to distance myself from my personal bias and see what th ook is hoping to ay.

Because of his, I just need to hol my thoughts out there about what some people are saying.The genetic project that created the genetically damaged people is legitimateA dystopia is the complete opposite of a utopia, which is a perfect society.

More fundamentally, dystopias form as a esult of utopian societies gone wrong.Looking at our world right now, it 's asy to see the laws in people.

And when faced with the opportunit to be rid of it, we ould probably take it.And by essentially playing God, in our rejection of the darkness in each and every one of us, we created bigger monsters.The forming of the factions were a perfectly valid solution to this problem caused by the genetically damaged.This is absolutely crucial to understand.

he government is going to close off those twisted human beings and basically breed them in large labs, letting them multiply? Why not just kill them all? After all, they re n't eve human.

Thi reason why the genetically damaged are prejudiced against and disadvantaged in this society is because they are egarded as less human.

All hose people in hose factions, in the ear of everyone else who knows of their unnatural state, are considered nothing more than experiments gone wrong to so many.The Civil Wars were to eradicate the experiments.However, human beings have a conscience.

Most of us feel, deep down, that the genetically altered deserve a chance to make their own choices.

And eradicating an entire generation of living breathing beings is most certainly playing god, and most certainly on par as wrong.And if they ould not ill the genetically damaged, they sure as hell would try and make a way where the genetically damaged could survive, thrive and find their own humanity.

econdly, to alter the genes AGAIN would be playing god, ould be being foolish.

Why shoul a society which has already uffered the repercussions of playing god repeat the exact same thing again?

And if they ca not fix them, and they should not kill them, what other choice did they have? This entire book revolves around he question on whether the gentically damaged were less human, and it left YOU to decide for yourself.How could they expect the genetically damaged to just fix themselves by creating random divergents? This concept is more difficult to grasp because it requires knowledge in biology.

Populations can fix themselves as a esult of natural selection and selective pressure.Basically, the genetically damaged are less likely to survive, while the divergent are more likely too.

Thi different hair colors, different physical traits today more likely began as mutations and then thrived under natural selection and selective pressure.This should have been explained better in thi ook, absolutely.The whole shebang with the memory serum raises a hell lot of important questions and are not upposed to e a pretty solution wrapped in a silk bow.The conflict Tris faced with the morality of the memory serum is real.

Personally I do n't look like Veronica Roth handled these themes with as much finesse as I ould like, but for a YA ovel I 'll let it go.Evelyn 's decision to choose her son over everything she 's worked for was monumental.Again, if you look at it simply, you can ot see what is trying to be said.

For me, I think Veronica is trying to show you the power of maternal love ( a very strong theme in Harry Potter as well), the flexibilit of humanity, the inability to change your decisions and actions, the effect of abuse and how the abusee can turn into the abuser, and inally the sharp contrast between Evelyn and Marcus.Both Evelyn and Marcus are genetically damaged people, aka deemed less human or inhuman altogether.

For Marcus, he is the perfect example of how the genetic alteration experiment has created monsters.

Thi just draws an even sharper contrast between Evelyn and Marcus which better questions just how much control our genetic makeup has over our actions.

Are any of the actions of the genetically altered justified?

Or were they just as much their choices instead of simply their genetic code? More questions.And finally, Tris' death.

Hell, this means she probably reunited with Uriah too in the beginnin, and that akes me cry all the more harder.Well these are my thoughts, feel free to comment below on your own!

his is a support group my friends, we 're ll in this highly-traumatized, post-Allegiant state together:) ( hide spoiler) ] ________________________________________________________* Here lies the memory of late happiness, aka the life I had before reading Allegiant* .I AM SO EXCITED 2013 CAN NOT COME ANY SOONER!* Edit:* It 's already 2013!

rated it

No far Katy Perry does a ood job summing this book up: " You change your mindLike a girl changes clothes.Yeah, you, PMSLike a bitchI would knowAnd you over thinkAlways speakCriticallyI should knowThat you 're no good for me [ Chorus: ] 'Cause you 're hot then you 're coldYou 're yes then you 're noYou 're in then you 're outYou 're up then you 're downYou 're wrong when it 's rightIt 's black and it 's whiteWe fight, we break upWe kiss, we make up ( you) You do n't really wan na stay, no ( you) But you do n't really wan na go-oYou 're hot then you 're coldYou 're yes then you 're noYou 're in then you 're outYou 're up then you 're down " Update May 2013: The cover 's actually good, though I have to admit, some of the fan made covers were gorgeous.

Y'know new world, new symbol?? Update Apr 2013: Allegiant??

rated it

Ten Hours later ... When I don ’ t like a series ending, I ell myself it ’ s partially my own fault- that the book suffered from my expectations.

I ’ m using a cut, and it translate very definite business.Things that Did not Work for Me in Allegiant, a List by Kate ( view spoiler) [ 1.

And finally, in the beginnin of Insurgent, we find out that it ’ s all an experiment intended to ave the outside world from war and iolence and poverty.Then, we g to Allegiant.

Somethin in the video is a lie ( so, in a lot of thing, everything Tris did at the beginnin of Insurgent was for nothing).

The outside world is basically Chicago 2.0, only instead of being divided by personality type people are divided by the extent of their broken genes.

It ’ s n interesting thought and a cool platform for philosophizing, but not much is crammed into this ook that we don ’ t have time for those subtleties.

Obviously, we have one book to understan the mass of information we need to now about the outside.This info dump is compounded by several things: 1) Everything we thought we knew about the outside is a lie and some things we thought we knew about the people on the nside is a lie, too; 2) Tris knows nothing about the outside so things that we now about as readers keep being off-handedly explained to her and also not explained to her; 3) a lot of what Tris has to figure out is science and history, and there 's always the sufficient background needed to help with suspension of disbelief.This is clearly mean to be far into the future- at least seven generations?

But knowing that everything on the insid is basically still functioning through our government and that thi same inds of issues still cause problems?

Even Uriah ’ s injury and death felt like plot point for Four that was ultimately completely glossed over.

It was one of few interesting things about ook, though I hought the “ love triangle ” was unnecessary and slowed the plot down.

And even though it was interesting backstory, it didn ’ t change Natalie Prior ’ s idea for saving her daughter and acting as she did.There was a rash of seemingly senseless deaths in his ook.

Thi same thing with Tori, who died, it appear, simply to provide the moment in which we find out how wrong she was and that her brother now has to deal with her death? But ... why do I care about George Wu?

Having so many new people cut out our chance to see the people that mattered.Like ... b. TrisTris came a long way in Insurgent and she kne a lot of way.

But here was my problem with Tris: besides what happened at the beginnin, was she wrong about ANYTHING in his ook?

She learns to act like she ’ s ever been wrong, but I remember her surprise at Caleb ’ s treachery.

It makes it hard for us to blame Tris when she ’ s terrified that people are ignoring her or not trusting her gut.

It also makes Four ’ s journey that much more usefu to handle, because knowing that she ’ s definitel right means that he ’ s no wrong.

Though Tris and Four complimented each other o well in the secon two books- made an excellent team of equals- they are also very different personality types.

He is the one that was so mad at Tris in the next book for lying, and he is the one that told her at that he should trust her and not hide things from her.

Four finds out that he ’ s neve really divergent ( um, ok?), and hen he completely breaks down and immediately loses all the growth he ’ d accomplished in the last two books and does something stupid.Part of me knows that the point is that Four isn ’ t perfect; he has four fears, but those four fears are so much smalle and more terrifying than most people ’ s ten or twenty ( or my thousand).

We already watched this struggle with the need to do everythin to make he world better and also the need to protect Tris and be a ba man in the face of incredibly difficult choices.

We spent a book watching him deal with his feelings for his daughte and son, even if we never watched him deal with thes things from this point of view.

Tris is going to be plenty mad about Four being so stupid already; Four is going to feel plenty guilty about acting like a completely naive hayseed without Uriah having to eat it).

It as so paint by numbers and repetitive that it became predictable, in part because Tris is always right and in part because there ’ s no time for nuance thanks to all the random information being thrown about and all the random things that keep happening.

Tris wants those people to say the truth and be free.

In order to mak things going, the Bureau wants to destro the memories of Tris ’ s friends and the families of her friends.

Thus, it ’ s decided Caleb will sacrifice himself by breaking into a vault of memory serum and releasing it into the air before the death serum can claim him ( which everyone completely 100% believes will happen and it occurs to no one that Tris of all people will never ever let him do this) .Four heads into the city to ge the memory serum to only one of his parents because he ’ ll only have time for one but GASP WHICH WILL HE CHOOSE?!

nowing this ( and I don ’ t know how you ould eve, especially in the ontext of Four ’ s weird relationship with his mother versus the fact that basically he wants his dad to be dead) all the tension is gone from Four making this decision because we all know there is no decision.Of course, knowing this, we also now that Four is never going to take his mother the memory serum.

What is completely awfu in the end is that Evelyn- the same Evelyn who has proven herself to hav a dictator and a tyrant, who abandoned Four, who lied to Four, who attempted to ush away the only person who has ever supported Four and believed in him in his ntire life, the same person who has been motivated by nothing but hate of the factions with seemingly little thought to her fathe- is magically made reasonable by love of her daughte.

And, of course, they com out and shake hands with Johanna and Marcus gets his just desserts because everyone knows he is an evil scumbag bent on power and everything magically works out fine despite the fact that people were rioting in the thir chapter and the whol of the factionless are just lookin to forget their anger because they love Tobias ... oh wait.Meanwhile, back in the compound ... 4.

he Message? I new in my gut as soon as I began reading the second instance of Tobias ’ s point of view that Tris would die.

And I wished to be wrong because it doesn ’ t get any sense with Tris 's growth.Every.

Every single book Tris goes off to do some sacrificial act to save the people she love about.

But we all know as readers, from the moment they mention that stupid vault ’ s booby trap, that Tris is going to walk into it.

I don ’ t mind character deaths in books.

I hink about so many other deaths in books, from Rue in Hunger Games to Bridge to Terebethia, and I say that deaths of characters you love can matter and make book beautiful and better and teach you things about yourself and the world and love and all of it.But the death has to matter.

But I needed so much more from Tobias at the beginnin to make his loss of Tris worth that message.I hated, too, the way Tris ’ s death was handled.

I want book wouldn ’ t have been ble to gloss over everything if Tris had lived.

The ook did n't have a hopeful ending because nothing really changed.

( hide spoiler) ] Things that Worked for me in Allegiant, a list by Kate ( view spoiler) [ 1.

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