Altar of Eden

Baghdad falls... and armed men are seen looting the city zoo. Amid a hail of bullets, a concealed underground lab is ransacked -- and something orrific is set loose upon world.

Seven ears earlie, Louisiana state veterinarian Lorna Polk investigates an abandoned shipwrecked fishing trawler carrying exotic caged animals, part of th black market smuggling ring. But there is something disturbingly wrong with these beasts -- each an unsettling mutation of the natural order, all sharing one uncanny trait: incredibly heightened intelligence.

Joining forces with U.S. Border Patrol Agent Jack Menard -- a an who shares with her a dark and bloody past -- Lorna sets out to locate the truth about this strange cargo and the terrorist threat it poses. Because a beast escaped the shipwreck and is running amok -- and what is about to be born upon the altar of Eden could threaten not only the future of world but the very foundation of what it refer to be human.
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Altar of Eden
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Published (first published 2009

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rated it

That is thi first Rollins novel I 've read.

rated it

Finall she gets there however, she not only has to deal with Jack, a ark and sexy Border Patrol agent from her deep and painful past, she lso has to deal with some animals on the submarine.

As Lorna and Jack enter the race to not only find answers they also have to figure out how to capture the animal that has escaped and headed toward population.

Never mind the animal zeroing in on their location, ready to creat a capture of its own.

It is light, but more feelings than touching and kissing, but it was sweet and very fitting for he tal.

rated it

Oh yeah- it 's because I used it a lot while reading this book.It 's too bad really, because there were some interesting scientific ideas buried under tons of written rubble.

rated it

As the mission morphs into a hunt for the east, the corporatio that stands to lose all is taking no prisoners and leaving no evidence.

rated it

We are talking of a ook that includes four primary scenes of pyrotechnics, each roughly a stage up from the first, along with multiple helicopters and gun porn mixed in with those good [ with firearms and the ladies ] soldiers who somehow put personal ethics in front of the rules but do n't end up court-martialled.

Ofte, that 's simple, you just eed a blonde ( redhaired also acceptable) female scientist with an emotional roadblock in her past and a general vacancy next to her heart and a smoldering, swarthy military type man with his own emotional upheaval and a soft inside wrapped around his tough, down-to-business exterior.

Top off the whole hing with bad guys largely described by ( a) their disrespect for omen and ( ) the disregard for the sanctity of motherhood and children and you ar a complete package.To explain, or to at least elaborate, on what I am saying, let 's giv a look at th scene at an alligator farm early on in he ovel.

They prove that at least one of the experiments has escaped, a massive killing machine, and begi to hunt it ( see above alligator farm on flames).

By the time, they re in up to their neck and people with deep pockets and a lack of morals ( and a total disrespect for the sanctity of motherhood) need them out of the way.

It 's almos too much book for its circa 500 pages, and barely enough actual story to fill a YA adult novel half that size.But people who ant to writ his are n't in it for the tory, in he pat that anyon who rereads Howard 's End for the hird time are picking at the story for subtly missed details.

They are in it for the story in pat that every explosion, ever heart-racing glance at a would-be lover, and every boat speeding to save the day is a retellin in its own right.

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