An Unforgettable Christmas

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Published September 24th 2019 by Hallmark Publishing

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his is anothe tory about Magic of Christmasat work.Angie Lopez lost both her fianc and fatherIn an accident years ago.

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Believabl, realistic characters, heartwarming family relationships, a sweet romance, and Christmas setting guaranteed to give readers into the holiday spirit.

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Tha does not affect my opinion regarding the book in any way.First of all, his is so heartwarming, packed with likeabl characters, Christmas traditions, and an unforgettable lesson to the reader.

Like with Angie who is too focused on her work for her family, eve to her cousin, Pepe, that she doesn ’ t ven explai to be romantically involved.

It ’ s like the author has given equal spotlights to all the characters and I like hat.

It ’ s too Christmas-y but still realistic.

Christmas spirit is too obvious but the author didn ’ t want to show the concerns that the characters face in their normal days, making th story realistic.

Frequently, it ’ s great idea to set an MC with amnesia in a Christmas season, because Christmas is such a heartwarming holiday and well, that creates the process of remembering so much etter and more meaningful.My only issue is that every time, a character ’ s name is mentioned, whether a new character or just one recurring in a new scene, the physical description follows.

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Sam is Angies 's boss, when he falls on the ice outside of work, Sam loses his memory and Angie volunteers her home to let Sam heal.

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I have always have a soft spot for holiday reads specifically holiday romances, and tha nove, An Unforgettable Christmas has just given me verything that I look for in a holiday read making me filled to the brim with warm feelings and happiness- and love.

I would ay the story follows the good-old " lost memory " followed by the redemption " trope, and I did say the possible romantic attraction between Sam and Angie before Sam 's incident was possibly unnecessary, but other than hat, I would do anythin but just ay this turned out such a wea, touching, and an engaging read.

I should have made " lost memory " trope out to be obsolete and old, but the execution in this ook is just perfect.

he tory of Sam 's reconciliation with his past-self and his journey of redemption is woven nicely through the strong, engaging writing and it did n't feel preachy or didactic at all.

Another is such a powerful tory of happines, redemption, family, and Christmas miracle.

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