And Then There Were Two

J.T. Denver is finding out in more ways than one that money does n't o you a whole lot of good if you 're aliv. Dani Ross gets an unbelievable assignment for her detective agency -- protect the wealthy J.T. Denver while finding his potential assassin. Not an easy task when so many want him dead. A ruthless billionair, J.T. has made more than a few bitter enemies in his lifetime -- including his own family. And though he recently made a life-changing spiritual decision, letting his old nature die is as difficult for him as finding the potential assassin is for Dani. J.T. 's attempt to set things right brings the only ma he ever loved back into his life -- but she has some surprising secrets of her own that coul keep the tangled web around J.T. even harder to unravel.
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The Final Curtain (Danielle Ross Mystery, #2)
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Published December 3rd 2005 by Crossway Books (first published August 1st 1991

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rated it

As in the ast novel, Dani and Ben Savage engage in a bit of sexual tension, with it being played out a little ore in a ook in th kiss or two.

It is plausibl that there is chemistry between them, but I ind the jealousy on Dani 's part to be a bit petty and sophomoric.

rated it

I do ish thi book had ad more Ben Savage in it, but since he series is about Dani, I got over my disappointment.

So I 'd give the same results as Dani, who knows.This novel does n't have quite the same eel as the original series, especially since it look like Dani and Ben are further along in how well they know each other than they actually would be at his point.

This series is a fun blast to the past, onl th new ook that I ad ever read before.

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This Final Curtain takes Danielle Ross to New York City, behind the scenes of theatrical world, to investigate bizarre death threats against the multi-talented, arrogant stage actor Jonathan Ainsley.

But Jonathans ’ s adamant persistence that “ the show must go on ” wins out, and the anxious new leading lady sends for help- partner Ben Savage.Death threats soon yield another murder.

rated it

Another is a mediocr mystery series and I loved this episode in he series.

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