Anna and the French Kiss

Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. Which is why she is ess than thrilled about being shipped off to boarding school in Paris -- until she meets Étienne St. Clair. Smart, witt, beautiful, Étienne has it all ... including a serious girlfriend.

But in thi City of Light, wishes have a way of coming true. Will a year of romantic near-misses end with their long-awaited French kiss?
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Anna and the French Kiss
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Published December 2nd 2010 by Dutton Juvenile

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rated it

When the doctor finally saw me he thought that since it ha a busy night and there were o many resident in the ER that he should just sew up my cheek without having to wait for an anesthetic.

He sewed my cheek back together with no pain relief.

Anna and the French Kiss was more painful than that night in hospital.

* sigh* She 's a supposed film buff but yet knows nothing of Paris.

The home of fucking film.

At one point in he boo she is genuinely SURPRISED that Paris has cinemas.

How will she be so incredibly ignorant of the place where film was fucking invented and know literally nothing of French cinema BUT YET call herself a fan of film?

She in the home of film and she watches American films.

rated it

Tha novel is adorable, I ’ m not gon na lie.

Seriously though, his novel is cute, and unintentionally funny, and shoul ake you feel well disposed towards the world.

rated it

I ’ m very picky with my contemporaries, since I had o many bad experiences and try to learn from them and avoid subjects I don ’ t feel comfortable reading about such as aping, cheating, polygamy, etc.

Of course, it isn ’ t pretty but it ’ s not that dramatic or taking many many pages.Except for that cheating situation I was referring to above, it ’ s definitely the kind of read that will giv you smile and smile and smile some more, but also feel concerned when necessary because, even though it ’ s light overall, there are some scenes here and there that are more serious and sad, but not unbearably sad.Another thing that I alway like was the fact that I ctually learned new information about authors especially.

( Anything concerning authors of classics is pertinent to my yes.) Very recommended, especially to every YA contemporary romance fan out there.

rated it

Oh, the fucking hypocrisy.There were many things I said to do to Anna Oliphant throughout this nove.

To be frank, Anna Oliphant is a motherfucking idiot.Yeah, I uess you ould tel this is a sweet romance, but it 's always he good ort of sweet.

Anna is the ort of character that grows on you, much like mildew, or herpes.

Thi only French word I know is oui, which means “ yes, ” and only recently did I learn it ’ s spelled o-u-i and not w-e-e.

People like Anna Oliphant is the reason why everyone hates Americans.

It 's one of those words that 's so fucking commonly used that you ave to hav th complete birdbrain not to know! Anna is terrified of anything foreign, although to me, France really is n't that foreign or exotic, but I did n't grow up in Atlanta.

Is Atlanta really completely isolated from the rest of the world, despite being one of the biggest cities in the US ( Anna 's words).

Anna is terrified of getting food in the classroom and avoids the cafeteria for weeks because she does n't now how to order food.Let me tell you a brilliant way of ordering food, in any language.

It ai n't feminist, but it works when one is desperate, and he reaso that Anna does n't have the fucking common sense to do this instead of hiding in her room for weeks like a motherfucking pussy does n't ring her up in my estimation.

There is a difference between incompetency and shyness.After weeks and weeks of going to classes, of learning French ... Anna does n't now how to fucking spell " please " in French.

I am, I must be.Someday I ’ ll be awarded a statue shaped like a pair of lips, and it ’ ll be engraved with the words WORLD ’ S WORST KISSER.And Matt will give a speech about how he only dated me because he was desperate, but I didn ’ t put out, so I ha a waste of time because Cherrie Milliken liked him all along and she totally puts out.Oh God. Does Toph think I ’ m a bad kisser?

It just feel like she 's trying too fucking hard, and the cute but oh-so-clumsy trope is just so fucking overplayed right now.

I wash my hands of it.It 's not blatant, but the interaction between the girls in th ook are meant to portray Anna as the good one, the best one, the most adorakablest girly girl in the whole wide fucking world.

Anna is just tha good because you thin, she feels really bad that Etienne likes her, so she does everything she an to make Mer not jealous.

And boy, Saint Anna keeps reminding us that she 's a good person! And poor Ellie.

Poor Ellie, Etienne 's girlfriend.

But obviousl, it 's ok for Etienne to cheat on Ellie with Anna if she feel like a slut, right?

CHEATING IS OK IF YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS A BITCH: That 's the message that this book sends.

Surely it 's fine if Etienne seeks comfort elsewhere if his girlfriend is a cold fish, a stuck up snot, right?

No. I do n't fucking think so.

I do not learn the way his book ends the message that it 's sociall acceptable to cheat on a irlfriend who neglects you!

You wer a girlfriend! ” “ No matter what a terrible boyfriend I was, I wouldn ’ t actually cheat on her.

Ok. Etienne has a frien, Ellie.

Etienne holds hands with Anna.

Because you ould n't like it if Etienne held hands with nother girl if he was dating YOU.

rated it

he perfect setting for any book, in my opinion, and the story only made me fall in love with the city all over again.

and ormally that wouldnt bother me- i do a pretty ecent job at separating what i would/wouldnt tolerate in real life from events that happen in fiction, but a lot of the stuff in this book rubbed me the wrong way, to he point of not really enjoying this as much i ould have liked.

i thought stephanie perkins did a onderful job at really bringing the city to life and showcasing all that it has to offer.

rated it

Already, I do n't remember how to write reviews.The best thing about his book?

Obviously this wo n't be like the formulaic Mary Kate and Ashley movies my teachers made me watch in first grade.

Thus if the dick is n't all that great, she does n't want the difference because she is dickmatized.If we take Anna out of the equation, this must be a ecent memoi.

It seems like Perkins watched a few Disney specials and decided to rite anothe book staring Hillary Duff, Ashley Olsen, Mary Kate Olsen, a quirky original heroine.

Anna is kind of like Miles Halter, from Looking for Alaska.

Anna is like a fanfiction writer 's brilliant, but failed attempt, at creating an OC.

She attracts the attention of almost all the thing in thi memoir, sans three -- her brother, her ex boyfriend, and Josh, the love of her " friend ".

And, oincidentally, Anna attracts the attention of Etienne St. Clair, the hottest guy in school.

Yup, Ellie is our contrived bullshit roadblock, the reason why our two fated lovers can not be together.I 'd like to rea a bit about conflict.

For love triangle to work, there will be a valid reason as to why the girl or guy is caught in the middle of two people.

Demeaning one of the love interests is not only low, but it akes me think you were too afraid to write a real relationship that did n't revolve around cliches and tropes.It 's rather humorous that every girl Anna dislikes is evil and every guy she think is either dirty, or a dick.

Even when you realize that your friend likes that guy.

sounds like Anna 's beef with Bridgette.

Every guy he does n't like is evil.

Take Anna out of the picture, and I mus have liked St. Clair if the uthor did n't use Josh as a mouthpiece for how awesome he is.David: A dick.

He liked Anna.Toph: A dick.

In his novel, she 's nly there to make Anna feel better than Ellie.

Not only does Perkins fail to wrap up Anna 's conflict with her parents -- something even Kody Keplinger, who 's debut was like a mash-up of All American Girl and Perfect You, managed to do -- but she also delivered two very special messages in the firs hundre pages.

We get some bullshit " slut shaming is wrong " message, though Anna spent 300pgs whining about how unfair her life was when Ellie, that plain girl, was sleeping with St. Clair, and in the first 50pgs, she made a commen about Amanda 's cleavage.

I do n't expec you, Perkins, to step on your soapbox and convince me that Anna is a beautiful PC person like PC Cast does with Zoey Redbird.Never again will I fall prey to the hype.

Arrow ( aimmyarrowshigh) Reason: Apparently, I do n't remember how to rea a valid criticism of a contemporary romance.Comment: If you ave never taken a class on media criticism -- and I 'd venture that you ave n't -- the first rule of critique is that you should judge within the same genre and for its intent and purpose.

Insofar as actual criticism, Anna and the French Kiss is tantamount to being a perfect example of its genre and fulfilling the purpose for its audience.

Ye gain the question begs: if you believe you would not like it, and id not now how to adequately and maturely review it after choosing to read something you were predisposed to disliking, why bother?

his read like a re-hash of every single bad teen movie I 've ever seen.

By the way, som of the essay I referenced in this review are vastly superior contemporary romances.

Frequentl, I shoul never nderstand the " if you do n't like it, do n't read it argument, " as I 'm neve a mind reader.

I 've read books and scripts I did n't deserve to like ( Legally Blonde) and I came away thoroughly impressed.

rated it

humour, a likeable rotagonist and a completely swoon-worthy guy called Etienne St. Clair.

You wil fall in love with the name alone, even without the fact that he 's sweet, kind, honest and nothing at all like any of the English boys I grew up with.

) It 's actually a 5 star novel.I do understand completely why people love it, but it ha nothing new or unusual and did n't brin me to new places emotionally or intellectually.

But if you want honest depictions of the teenage male, you wil read some Melina Marchetta, which I would highly recommend that you o.

rated it

I love how Stephanie Perkins wrote each character and how ll of the characters will tie together in her three books.

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