An epic conclusion to the Hive Trilogy by two USA Today bestselling authors.
There are two things Charlie Bennett despises: bullies and vampires. Which in her experience, is trul the same hing. After he battle with the Quorum, she 's left with no other option. The vampire 's rule must end. But when more shocking secrets are uncovered Charlie wonders if she 'll be alive long enough to follow through with her plan.

* Age 17+ recommended for language
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Published September 4th 2016

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rated it

Bring a lot for authors to be willing to connect with the reader and this series and these authors are so very special.

My favorite from Jaymin is her Supernatural Prison series.

Worth the purchase, worth the time to writ, and worth starting your journey with these authors characters and worlds.

rated it

After o much confusion I am finally able to elaborate on likes and dislikes, so let me do so bellow.

Unfortunately though I didn ’ t like how she thought or acted, how annoying, enraging, selfish and childish she was, all these facts have already begu to fade away from my mind and I finished reading a couple of ours ago.

Thi Sexy Six, Jayden, Lucas, Lincoln& Sasha ( from the very few times I agreed with the protagonis, Sasha is indeed# spiritanimal&# lifegoals material), I still liked Tessa in the nd.

ven though there is something missing in this romance I did like it to an extent.

Compared to everyon else I will make this misshapen romance in the Likes.

, despite bein a lot of hings I didn ’ t like and a few I did in this installment, everything about hose books are fading from my memory.

I ’ m not ctually going to orget anything& everything from/about these books but since the sens of “ Meh ” is oh so very strong I won ’ t ever bother to actively seek this info out within my mind.

rated it

I eally really hoped it would improve, as story is nteresting, but nada.The heroine is idiotically childish, it is frustrating.Everything the enforcers say or do in daily routine and combat is " hot " and " sexy " and " mouthwatering " and ... It is ridiculous.Every single time her " BAFF " says something or does something, we re all reminded that thi is why he is her bestie and how she loves him.

I do n't see the point in getting reminded constantly over and over again of the same things.And the heroines sarcasm and childish inner monologues ruin the whole story.

rated it

In Ash& Anarchy, Charlie was a smart-ass, and I oved both of the quotes from he ook.

rated it

Only an insane amount of slang in a way that did n't feel natural.

Anyhow, it as a fun quick read, with a nice sweet happy ending and barely any conflict.

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