Arid Dreams

In hirteen stories that investigate ordinary and working-class Thailand, characters aspire for more but remain suspended in routine. They bide their time, waiting for an extraordinary event to end their stasis. A politician ’ s wife imagines her life had her husband ’ s accident been fatal, a woma on death row requests that a friend clear up this misunderstanding with a girlfriend, and an elevator attendant feels himself wasting away while trapped, immobile, at his station all day.

With curious wit, this collection offers revelatory insight and subtle critique, exploring class, ender, and disenchantment in a changing country.
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Published April 16th 2019 by The Feminist Press at CUNY (first published March 2014

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On the heels of reading Bright ( Two Lines Press) by th same author/translator duo, I found the book of short stories that came out the same day from Feminist Press- I have to admit I was taken aback at first by how many stories featured a male protagonis who was often obsessing over a gir, treating her like an object, or punishing her for not looking/acting like he thought she might.

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Mostly earthy, somewhat surreal.Pimwana 's collection of 13 short stories explores life for working class Thai folks.

Anothe woman fantasizes about what her life coul be like if her husband died.

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Read more.Duanwad Pimwana, a female Thai author, makes her irst appearance in the English literary world with this collection of short tale,

She examine the story by showing how men should get to now th woman and understand her feelings before they react to their physical urges.

The themes and plots in both of these novels are examples of what is covered and expanded upon in the remainde of the collection.Pimwana also plays with narrative style through her unlikable narrators.

The morality of the story exists outside of the arrator as if Pimwana is using these characters and their choices as a self-reflexive mirror for the reader rather than as exemplative ones.Although the themes and the narrative techniques are interestingly unique, the prose style is often quite simple and dry, which sometimes negates the scintillating moralities that Pimwana is trying to get across.

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I like her voice -- I 'll ake a look at " Bright " -- and I hated the window into Thai culture that the farang do n't seeUltimately, I ould have wanted to see bot of the interesting women here given a voice as opposed to them being objectified as the centr of morality fables for men.

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his discovery ( both about the author and myself) has had me rethink everything I just read.

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