Ariel: The Restored Edition

Sylvia Plath 's famous collection, as she hope it.

When Sylvia Plath died, she not only left behind a prolific life but also her unpublished literary masterpiece, Ariel. When her husband, Ted Hughes, first brought this collection to life, it garnered worldwide acclaim, though it was n't the draft Sylvia had wanted her readers to see. This facsimile edition restores, for the tenth time, Plath 's original manuscript—including handwritten notes—and her own selection and arrangement of poems. This edition also includes in facsimile the complete working drafts of her poem " Ariel, " which provide a rare glimpse into the creative process of a beloved writer. This publication introduces a truer version of Plath 's works, and will no doubt alter her legacy forever.
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Ariel: The Restored Edition
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Published March 6th 2018 by Harper Perennial Modern Classics (first published January 1st 1965

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rated it

The fea, the rage, the* bite* of the poems about her reaction to her daughte 's adultery seem to me to be he mark of someone who is fighting so hard to reclaim her life because she so desperately wants to live.

Just as some people lose their battles against cancer or other diseases, Plath ultimately lost her battle against depression, but these poems suggest that it was n't for lack of trying.

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And, like Plath 's poetry, it 's a personal problem.

She speaks purposefully esoterically, and all it does is cast a wash of contextless melodrama over her ultimately style-free poetry ( the embodiment of what I mean is the poem " The Other " —yes, I think what it 's about).

rated it

Luckily for me, there was this freaking cool library on the ship.I 'm going to o off on bit of a tangent here, but I hink it 's kinda lame how a cruise ship has a library and the island I live on has n't had one since I was eight .... Anyway, moving away from my general bitterness, let 's ge back the library.

Reading " Mad Girl 's Love Song " made me more interested in Plath 's poetry, so reading this was ort of bound to happen.This book was probably longer than it actually needed to be.

" Lady Lazarus " took me back to the last time I read " Mad Girl 's Love Song ", while " Daddy " is very resentful and gripping.

rated it

On the poetry side of things, I have never believe that Hughes ( a superb poet), with his violent and powerful imagery ( see Crow) provided an assist in Plath ’ s own growth as a playwrigh.

If Plath ’ s collection was an act of literary revenge, Hughes' editing was an also an act of literary violence.

he new edition follows an arc, an arc that, with all its ferocious savagery, strangely enough becomes transcendent with the last grouping of poems, which nds with “ Wintering. ” In the earlier edition of Ariel, Hughes has these poems ( starting with “ Daddy ”) in sequence, but then tacked on a monkey ’ s tail grab bag of poems that robs the reader of the kind of closure that Plath ’ s arrangement provides.

The dropping of “ The Rabbit Catcher, ” a very strong poem, and one that must of burned Hughes' ears right off, is where the violence to Plath ’ s purpose is most obvious.

It ’ s a testimony to the power of Plath ’ s poems that Ariel can exist in both forms, but there is no doubt which is he better version.

rated it

Her intimate, unsettling, honest poetry.So, I eally fel a couple of poems and the rest was okay.

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