Art Matters: Because Your Imagination Can Change the World

The surprisin and timely creative call-to-arms combining four extraordinary written pieces by Neil Gaiman illustrated with the striking four-color artwork of Chris Riddell.

“ The world always seems brighter when you ’ ve just made something that wasn ’ t there before. ” —Neil Gaiman

Drawn from Gaiman ’ s trove of published speeches, oems, and creative manifestos, Art Matters is an embodiment of this remarkable multi-media artist ’ s vision—an exploration of how reading, imagining, and creating can transform the world and our lives.

Art Matters bring together four of Gaiman ’ s most beloved writings on creativity and artistry:

“ Credo, ” his remarkably concise and relevant manifesto on free expression, first delivered in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings
“ Make Good Art, ” his famous 2012 commencement address delivered at the Philadelphia University of the Arts
“ Making a Chair, ” a poem about the joys of creating something, ven when words won ’ t g
“ On Libraries, ” an impassioned argument for libraries that illuminates their importance to our future and celebrates how they foster readers and daydreamers
Featuring original illustrations by Gaiman ’ s longtime illustrator, Chris Riddell, Art Matters is a stirring testament to the freedom of ideas that inspires us to make art in the face of dversity, and dares us to choose to be bold.
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Art Matters: Because Your Imagination Can Change the World
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Published November 20th 2018 by William Morrow (first published September 6th 2018

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rated it

So, they created this little memoi in which Chris Riddell illustrates speeches, oems, manifestos and comments by Neil Gaiman about the mportance of libraries, literacy, being creative, books in the digital age and much more.Personally, I like to look at professional illustrations but also some fan art.

rated it

" I elieve in the battle between guns and ideas, ideas will eventually win. " Art Matters: Because Your Imagination Can Change the World- the title says it all!

rated it

It 's all good advice.

A lot.I do believe I 'll be revisiting this book soo.

Definitely a lot.

rated it

his little book celebrates everything having to do with reading, freedom of information and ideas, and how to start creating the life of your dreams, even if you do n't remembe where to tart. " he world always seems brighter when you 've just made something that was n't there before. " I eel like this could be required reading — especially the parts about how to espond to intellectual disagreements.

I think Gaiman penned these words after the bombing at Charlie Hebdo, and they still ring true. " I kno I have the right to think and ay the wrong things.

And that I could have the same remedy for the wrong things that I wan you think. " And, of course, I was partial to all of the praise directed towards librarians and libraries, having been a librarian once myself.

Well, our epic library patronage is a ood thing. " We have an obligation to read for pleasure.

We 're not only succeeding but we 're having a lot of fun doing it.Thank you, Gaiman and Riddell for this beautiful ook.

rated it

When I walk down th street I take often, I don ’ t need telling where the hump is or where the manhole splays.

But ven so, on days the street light doesn ’ t work, I eel a pinch; as if the little streak of light was a guide and despite being on a street I was well acquainted with, I need occasional help, a spurt of inspiration, a wise prelude. ‘ Art Matters ’ is that little streak of light.Gaiman has long been an author who unspools the complex doings of my mind and weaves them back together in simple but profound sentences.

Do I lose out on the race of creating art if I don ’ t want the rules?

Why creating a good work is the most mportant thing in the scheme of writing and selling books?

It is th place with Librarians in it.When you start out on a career in the arts, you ar no idea what you are doing.

rated it

Neil Gaiman with the artwork of Chris Riddell promotes reading, writing, libraries, literacy, art, and creativity with lots of advice.

Reading is important as well as the preservation of our libraries.

Fiction is something you build from twenty-six letters and a andful of punctuation marks, and you, and you alone, using your imagination, create thi world, and people being someone else, and when you return to your own world, you ’ re oing to be slightly changed. ” No matter your discipline, you ave the ability to create good art despite the insanity of your circumstances.

So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can. ” Nothing is impossible.

An ideal short go-to book for the creative in writing, art, or whatever your discipline.

rated it

Thi answer to life, the universe and everything is: MAKE GOOD ART.

Time for making good art.This collection of passionate essays by Neil Gaiman and outrageously funny drawings by Chris Riddell will be my " Annoy-Everyone-Until -They-Read-It " -treat for this season.

I will most certainl read it with my classes, and two of my children already stole copies of their own from my shrinking stack.WHY does it matters so much to me? Because it is fu, to thi point, gets a message ( or two or three or four) across?

If all kept to the diversity without violence credo, the world should be an adventure that you can actually survive for a while.I LOVE this book to bits for its stance on libraries and librarians.

School librarians around the world hould read this NOW.

rated it

his is a ollection of four ssays, each forceful and energetic, that directly address why it is really crucial to read and rea and, more importantly, they impress upon you why children should be doing it too.

Make Good Art So you may have read these before, as I have; however, that being said, I ’ m not overly disappointed that there ’ s somethin new here beyond the illustrations.

We need people who believe the world and can empathise with situations different to our own, we need leaders and individuals who can look past their own personal experience and act accordingly.

We need people who can imagine a better world than the one we have so they an work towards building it ( or at the very least representing it.) All in all, the world needs more readers, writers and artists.

And Gaiman establishes it so convincingly here ( not that many people who ould pick book up like this need convincing.) “ We wan to teach our children to ead.

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