Asexuality: A Brief Introduction

Commonl called " A Fourth Orientation, " asexuality is a sexual orientation characterized by a persistent lack of sexual attraction toward any gender. This book explores love, sex, and life, from the asexual point of view. This novel is for everyon, regardless of orientation. Whether you 're asexual, think you should e, know someone who is, or just want to understan more about what asexuality is ( and is n't), there 's something inside for you. This is one of the last books exclusively dedicated to the ubject of asexuality as a sexual orientation. Written by an asexual, it explores the topic from the outsid.
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Published July 27th 2012 by CreateSpace (first published June 27th 2012

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We now some asexual people masturbate and some do n't, some fantasize and some do n't, some watch porn and some do n't, some are religious and some are n't, some want relationships and some do n't, some have sex-positive attitudes and some don't.That 's really good, and I think asexual people reading this when they do n't now much ( or something) about asexuality might be relieved to see the sections about ace experiences that they coul relate to -- making up crushes so they can fit in, wondering why you do n't know anyone 's hot, feeling like everyone 's talking about something totally uninteresting, worrying that not being sexually attracted to someone will make them think you do n't love them, feeling like sex scenes in media are unnecessary and practically random -- that kin of stuf.

( I totally used to skim the sex scenes in books thinking " okay, they 're still boning -- when do we et back to he story " -- not even realizing that to a lot of people, those were the " good parts "!) And the history info on asexual symbols ( the cake, the flag, the ace ring) actually told me some things I did n't already know.I do have some gentle criticism, though.

It just means that they do n't see someone and immediately want to jump their bones. " That " immediately jumping their bones " thing comes up a couple times, and though we get that he 's kidding and that he understands non-asexual people are n't always lusting after everyone they see or desiring sex with everyone they think is attractive, it 's odd that this is contrasted with being asexual.A couple other smaller things that hav just personal pet peeves: He uses he " born this way " narrative ( which I do n't like for various reasons), and there 's REALLY HEAVY focus on sexual experience and masturbation, and at one point the author escribes being asexual as " it 's like being straight except I 'm ot into women, " which I did n't understand unless " like being straight " is supposed to be interprete as a default, neutral state ( and I do n't consider someone straight unless they 're attracted to cross-sex partners).

( I especiall liked when he made a list of the hings he 'd rather be doing besides doing sex.) Reading his weird little journey and relating to the atypical but very accessible descriptions of his life can make an asexual person feel like whatever they might have been through, someone else was there once too and came out on the other side happy with his identity.

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Overall, the definition and representation that the author provided for Asexuality was rather good.

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I ha more expecting a good " Brief Introduction ", maybe something that will help me further explain asexuality to my rather close-minded family members instead of stories about this person 's life.

I like reading about other people 's experiences of being ace, especially since they 're all pretty different, but it ha n't what I was xpecting ( or unwillin) from novel.

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Absolutely the author has been requested many of the same uninformed questions over time, and he loves to them in th ook in a rather smart-aleck way.

If people are asking, and are honestly interested in the answers, then they are ood uys.

There was time in the recent past when the poe as also asking questions to which he did not yet know the answer.OK, enough said.If you would care to explore he subjec of asexuality, I suggest starting at the novelis 's site http: // and The Asexual Visibility& Education Network http: //, and then deciding for yourself where to go from there.To end on a positive note, I am extremely glad there is yet more visibility around this sexual orientation these days, and I heartily support ace people as well as all on the GLBTQI spectrum.

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