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mothe and daughter walk through their eighborhood, brimming with questions as they xplore their world. With o many way to enjoy, and certainl many ays to ask—and talk—about them, it 's a snapshot of an ordinary day in a world that 's nything but. This tory is a heartwarming and inviting picture book with a tenderly written story by Bernard Waber and glorious illustrations by Suzy Lee.

PreS-Gr 2—A vivacious child and her ather share an early autumn stroll. " Tel me what I like, " she admit. Dad 's dutiful answer is printed in purple: " What do you like? " Energetically she answers with a list. Sometimes dad presses for details, " Geese in the sky? Or geese in the water? " She answers, " I like geese in the sky. No, in the water. I like both. Ask me what else I like, " she demands, seeing something new she wants to tell him about. So they proceed through their day, celebrating the brief but precious time when children are gaining a sense of self and exploring the power that comes with it. The patience required to converse with a small person who tries to dictate every part of the interaction is sure to be familiar to parents, but the poetic text rises above the mundane and captures the beauty, energy, and innocence of these conversations and holds them up for readers to appreciate without becoming saccharine or trite. Lee 's lively, colored-pencil drawings are a perfect match to the text. The line drawings are similar in style to those in Wave ( 2008) and Shadow ( 2010, both Chronicle), but Lee expands from the single-color palette she employed in those titles to a full spectrum of bright autumn colors. VERDICT A first choice for libraries, especially those looking to develo their selection of father-as-caregiver stories.—Anna Haase Krueger, Ramsey County Library, MN
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Ask Me
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Published July 14th 2015 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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rated it

I 've seen only one other of her books and loved that one 's illustrations too.

rated it

Suggested Grade Levels: Pre-K through 2nd GradeGenre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction Themes: Family, Growing-UpAwards: Kirks Reviews Best Children ’ s Books of 2015 This is a soft and cheerful story of thi little bo and her father spending a fall day together at the park.

The llustrations are done in colored pencil and focus around the red and orange autumn colors, giving the reader the feeling of walking along with the stepfathe and daughter through the park in the fall.

Thi se of colored pencils gives the illustrations a soft feel, which is perfect for this simple storyline.

rated it

ather and daughter engage in a back-and-forth discussion of the things the little girl likes and loves in this harming picture-book, culminating in a reminder of her upcoming birthday.

Recommended to anyone looking for good picture-books featuring fathers and aughters.

rated it

The talk feels real, eve in general with picture books I prefer fewer words, do n't verwhelm the illustrations, let them tell much of thi tal, but th relationship is great.

rated it

In another story daughter asks LOTS of questions, as little girls sometimes do, and dad listens patiently and encouragingly.

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