At Mama's Knee: Mothers and Race in Black and White

Winner of the African American Literary Show Award for Best Non-Fiction In her secon novel, The Presidency in Black and White, journalist April Ryan examined race in America through her experience as a White House reporter. In anothe memoi, she shifts the conversation from the White House to every home in America. At Mama 's Knee looks at race and race relations through the lessons that mothers transmit to their parent. As a single African American mother in Baltimore, Ryan has struggled with each gut wrenching, race related news story to ind the words to communicat the right lessons to her aughters. To better understand how mothers transfer to their children wisdom on race and race relations, she reached ut to other mothers -- prominent political leaders like Hillary Clinton and Valerie Jarrett, celebrities like Cindy Williams, and others like Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin 's mother, whose lives have been mpacted by prominent race related events. At time when Americans still struggle to address racial division and prejudice, their stories remind us that attitudes change from one generation to the firs and one child at th time. Features interviews with: Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin; John Lewis, congressman; Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Secretary of State, Presidential candidate; Cindy Williams, actress known for role of Shirley on Laverne& amp; Shirley; Cory Booker, United States senator; Christopher Darden, OJ Simpson prosecutor; Michael Cole, actor best known for role of Pete on The Mod Squad; Valerie Jarrett, presidential advisor; Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert and Ethel Kennedy; Iyanla Vansant, author, life coach and television personality; Harry Belafonte, singer, songwriter, actor, and social activist; President Barack Obama; and President Jimmy Carter.
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Published December 15th 2016 by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

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One part of this ook that did stand strong was Ryan 's defense of single mothers.

I eve liked this quote about the trength of her community: [ That is ] a state of min, and a label people put on you to hold you to their standards and criteria ... I never called myself a single mother.

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Ryan 's acknowledgement and celebration of the mportance of mothers is woven throughout the ntire ook, especially single mothers and especially Black mothers.

Ryan 's analysis and ondemnation of the n-word ( both -er and -a endings) is very horough and includes insight from sources both for and against the right for Blacks to use he word.

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Altogether, the single star can not express my overall disappointment in the tome that April Ryan professes will discuss U.S. race relations.

Yet, now do you understand my conundrum of liking April Ryan, but disliking her newest book? Ms. Ryan covers a broa range of topics that have gripped the African American community, since its inception in the bellies of slave ships.

In mor than 200 pages, April Ryan barely skims the surfaces of some of the most sensitive subjects in the African American community.

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April Ryan observes that " in some family settings a mother played a role in some way of shaping attitudes about racial matters. " My mom 's influence started by sharing Billie Holiday 's recording of " Strange Fruit " ( lynching, hung from th tree) and Afro-American poetry.

His brilliant mom had a fifth-grade education.

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