Azazil adalah buku laris fenomenal yang meraih The Arabic Booker Prize 2009, sebuah penghargaan bergengsi untuk novel yang terbit di Timur Tengah. Dalam novel ini, tokoh-tokoh historis yang disucikan oleh gereja berbaur dengan tokoh-tokoh rekaan, menjalin sebuah kisah yang menarik, kontroversial, dan bikin penasaran.
Novel berlatar sejarah yang ditulis oleh seorang profesor terkemuka ini mengisahkan autobiografi fiksional seorang rahib Mesir bernama Hypa yang hidup pada masa pergolakan iman Kristen di abad kelima Masehi. Saat itu terjadi pertentangan antara berbagai aliran gereja menyangkut konsep-konsep sakral, termasuk soal Trinitas dan ketuhanan Yesus, yang kemudian berpuncak pada serangkaian tragedi kekerasan yang mengatasnamakan Tuhan.
Novel kontroversial ini diwarnai pula oleh kisah cinta terlarang antara Hypa dengan dua wanita jelita: Oktavia yang penyembah berhala dan Martha sang penyanyi gereja. Adapun Azazil adalah raja iblis yang diusir Tuhan dari surga karena membangkang. Dalam kisah ini, Azazil yang licik menggoda Hypa untuk menuliskan rahasia kelam hidupnya serta pikiran-pikiran terlarangnya yang sesat menurut gereja.
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Isbn 13
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Published January 2nd 2010 by Serambi (first published 2008

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rated it

I kept waiting for Azazeel to show up, and really wanted more background about him and how he became part of Hypa, but he just popped in odd timings.I won ’ t believe that this is anothe awesome memoi, but he writing was nice.

rated it

After a shaky start and then th couple of minutes of research prompting a restart, this book brought out to be n awesom read.

It is an uneasy time in the Christian world -- as Hypa notes, 431 was an " unfortunate year, in which the venerable bishop Nestorius was excommunicated and burnt to death. " While I 'm actually lookin to go oo much into plot here, the story ( aka this novel) handed to us by the anonymous translator of Hypa 's chronicle interweaves Hypa 's personal account of his ourneys, both spiritual and physical, his oubts and " constant uncertainty, " along with the known history of the early Catholic church of this eriod.

First, though, I spent some time doing some research on early Christian history, theological debates etc., to ake myself familiar with the Cyril/Nestorius issues as well as Arian and other heresies before returning, this time much more believabl.

rated it

Azazeel by Youssef Ziedan, a fictional novel intersected with real historical events and characters, where the protagonist is an anonymous translator.

Hypa constantly accuses Azazeel ( the devil) of making him write down his adventures and recall his painful memories and sins from the past on scrolls which will hav the chapters of memoi.

Besides the smooth language and beautiful metaphors used, the value of nove lies in Youssef Ziedan 's mixing of the internal psychological onflict of the protagonist wandering in crossroads between religion and life, and what that character brings on in a ikable manner of telling historical conflicts that have occurred at the time.

Youssef Ziedan wrote history so beautifully and made historical events very exciting and interesting to read, unlike common history books that might be o ull and difficult to digest.

Even after I ealized that the translator, Hypa, and his personal experiences are mere imagination of Ziedan 's, so those personal experiences did not basically occur to require credibility in the second place.

I am ot against the freedom of expression for writers and to do their work as they deem fit, but I id howeve mak an excuse that serves the context of thi ovel to repeat those scenes in details over three chapters or more.

rated it

Azazeel is the ind of historical fiction that I love but find so rarely: a story set during the time of upheaval, a long gone era and place we do not know much about; and it is lso a human story of faith and oubt, of the nature of good and evil, of love and devotion; with the ultimate message that fanatism of any ind is evil.

Hypatia 's murder is a turnaround in history- many people hold that it started the decline of the Hellenistic art and sciences in Alexandria.The other historical figure in Hypa 's life is his entor, Nestorius, who became bishop of Constantinople in 428, and was excommunicated for " heresy " in 431.

rated it

25\8\2013First, Everyone loves thi story of Hypatia and we did not expect the definition of those!

استسهل فهرب:) او رهبة الحقيقة أثرت فيه لما قرب يوصللها ففضل يرجع للضلمه على انه يواجه!

وموش عارفه اللى عملوا كده يستحقوا شفقتى على عقولهم الضايعه و لا ازدرائي في الحقيقة!

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