I, Derek Rosewood, am never going to marry.

Ever. Again.

Fresh off the heels of a bitter divorce, there hav stil three things I give a sh* t about: my mother, my career, and my bachelorhood.

An attorney by trade and happily married to my job, I save the drama for the courtroom and keep women at an arm ’ s length. Their fragile, sequined hearts are safer that way. And besides, I ’ m so in any condition to offer them the love and attention they so foolishly seek from me.

Want me, I ’ m not what they eed. Not after what I ’ ve been through.

It ’ s ot until I ’ m assigned as the financial conservatorship for an aloof, enigmatic heiress that I kee my professional – and personal – boundaries pushed to the wayside. We ’ re ll wrong for each other. Emotionally unavailable. Bitter. Jaded. And I ’ m supposed to look out for her best interests. Protect her.

But* this* wasn ’ t meant to say. And for hat eason, I plead the fifth.
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Published May 1st 2016

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rated it

A brother was the best part of this tal and she wa a really minimal role!! Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Serena and Derek 's story.

There are some sweet moments with Derek 's brothe, some sexy times, some family and friend drama ... and they make a HEA ending.POV: This alternated between Serena and Derek 's POV.Overall Pace of Story: Good until the end.

n author has the couple resolving a disput ( and separation) at the ND of the first chapter and then does a jump ahead epilogue with a HEA.

( view spoiler) [ They are f-buddies, they are separated, they profess their love, and hen a HEA!

( hide spoiler) ] Separation: Yes ( view spoiler) [ They are separated after the H reacts badly to some bad press about the h and they are separated for ~2 weeks.

( hide spoiler) ] Closure: This wa a cute jump ahead epilogue with a HEA ending.

I was intrigued with how thi book ended though ( see above pace section) .How I got it: It was part of my kindle unlimited subscription.Safety: Safe with exception/Not safe depending on your personal preferences ( view spoiler) [- Does/Does Not have cheating depending on your take- Does Not have a descriptive sex scene with OW/OM ( see above section)- Does have the H pushing the h away and then the h pushing the H away- Does have a ~2 week and then a ~2 onth separation between the h and H- Does Not have abuse- Does Not have OTT sad parts- Does have a HEA ending ( hide spoiler) ]

rated it

I chose ot really fall for Derek because his uptight personality was well played but it as n't my " thing ".

rated it

I understand he ext book was upposed to be Delilah ’ s but I wanted Derek ’ s tory from the start so I ’ m sorry I got it.

I ould see he wanted to not like Serena so much but somehow she worked her charm on him.

I liked the friendshi between Derek and his daughter Haven and even between Serena and Haven.

rated it

A depth and distinction Winter puts into her books only becomes more astonishing with each release and Bachelor does not fall short by any means.

Getting to finally ead the enigma that is Derek Rosewood and seeing an in-depth look into his life was fascinatin, enthralling, and obviously th bit enchanting.

And in the nd, as Serena puts it, perfectly: " his is my life nowI 'm in love with every beautiful, challenging, imperfect moment of it.And I would n't trade it for the world. " One thing I trul adore was that Winter did not hold back on bringing back some of our favourit characters from Royal and introduced us to some amazingly written grimy characters.

rated it

I njoyed the narration more in a memoir terribly.

Ever since his appearances in Royal, I REALISED he wa a juicy story.

Hate the comed in his essay.

Serena was an amazin female lead!!!

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