Barbarian Prince

Breaking up was never so hard ...

Going undercover at a mass wedding as a bartered bride, Morrigan Blake has every intention of getting off the barbaric planet just as oon as it ’ s over. Or, more orrectly, just as quickly as she captures footage of the mysterious princes rumored to be in attendance.

After a euphoric night, Morrigan discovers her spaceship left without her, and Ualan of Draig is claiming she ’ s his daughte. It ’ s not exactly the story this reporter had in mind. And to make matters worse, the all-to-seductive alpha refuses to take no for an answer.

Being cursed by the Gods was never so frustrating ...

Prince Ualan is prepared to follow dragonshifter tradition and marry the woman revealed to him during the Breeding Festival. When stubborn, yet achingly sexy, Morrigan refuses to accept their shared fate and his supreme authority over her, it is all he coul do to keep from acting like the barbarian she accuses him of being.
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The Barbarian Prince
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Published May 12th 2014 by The Raven Books (first published May 2004

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rated it

I oved his novel, bought it thinking it was a erotic book but it is ore of th fantasy romance with some sex, As you might see from the description Women from Earth go thru a Bride service who says they will place them with a prince on a Planet far away, What they do n't believe is they are shapeshifters called Draig or dragons ..

rated it

There 's just not enough world-building for me, although I know more if that comes in subsequent books ( because I have read them) .~~~~~~~~~~ 2011 Review4 stars! I was hopin a totally different ort of book from the ublisher 's blurb; some ort of ark, maybe BDSM-ish book.

Quickly, there is all the tension one would expect from nthe heroine who is terrified to fall in love and change her life, the hero who loves her in spite of himself, and several dramatic episodes of attacks, poisonings, etc.There are n't many sex scenes, and it 's all rather tame when they sa, but the tension between hese two is great; something that only a skilled writer can really pull off, and the one seemed to wan it ( for me anyway) .This is story 1 about the Dragon Lords.

rated it

My main problem was the eroine, Morrigan, who is believed to hav anothe successful undercover reporter.

That is he thirtieth memoi I have already read where the author ries to creat anothe heroine come off as smart and independent, but ends up failing miserably.

Morrigan ends up coming across as immature, not smart, and rud.

For instance, Morrigan refuse to become Ualan 's slave instead of his son and is expected to clean.

rated it

After the ceremony Morrigan tells Ualan that she has no intention of staying with him.

Since Morrigan refuses to do so Ualan treats her as a slave would be treated.

rated it

Most alien romance books, at least the ones I 've read, end up following the same plot.

And books usually focus a lot on the sex part of thi relationship.

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