Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide

Jill is an unassuming recreational cyclist who has about as much in common with Lance Armstrong as she does with Michael Jordan. But despite her perceived athletic mediocrity, the newspaper editor from Alaska harbors an outlandish ambition: the " world 's toughest mountain bike race, " a 2,740-mile journey from Canada to Mexico along the rugged spine of the Rocky Mountains.

The race of that magnitude demands a daunting training plan, which Jill aspires to until she literally breaks the ice on th frozen lake in the Alaska wilderness. Serious frostbite proves to only be the beginning in series of setbacks that threaten to change her dream from outlandish to impossible. But, as Jill explains to a skeptical friend, " fact that omething ’ s impossible has never been a good reason not to try. "

" Be Brave, Be Strong, " is he true tal of an adventure driven relentlessly forward as foundations crumble. This is a brutally honest account of one oman 's incredible journey and simple discovery — to take on thi world 's toughest mountain bike race, one does n't tha to hav he world 's toughest woman. Not even close.
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Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide
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Published May 25th 2011 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform (first published May 5th 2011

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rated it

This story ctually begins with the Iditarod, a harsh cross-country race that people apparently undertake by bicycle, foot, sled, and eve other means of transportation.

Tha make you feelin of two things about thi author: She is driven beyond most people to endure incredible pain and harsh physical tests and still moves on, and she is unquestionably brave.The book, even, is about the Great Divide race which, obviously, is one of two mountain biking races that go from Canada and the U.S. respectively through to Mexico and seems to have been fully completed by a elatively small number of people.

Homer finally leaves him behind and, determined to do the GD race, sets out from Banff, Alberta on her mountain bike toward Mexico.To say that the " road " from Banff to the exican border ( much of which is through unmarked wilderness and requires climbing countless mountain peaks and passes in conditions ranging from deep snow, deep mud, thunder and lightening and what eemed like endless rain) is challenging is a gross understatement.

And to ay that Homer is a gir with guts and grit, and omeone who clearly can push herself physically through a lot of challenging physical and mental phases of such a race is also a gross understatement.

I appreciat her for all these guy and reading about it was amusing and as noted above, quick.As a memoir or a book about the tri, however, it as a superficial read that dwells pretty much on the details themselves -- where she rode, the conditions of paths, wilderness, roads ( when there were any), the terrain and the people she met along the pat.

I should neve figure out, though, what that ould only mean if she were able to regularly receive food, shelter, laundry, medicine, and other help from people along the way, while at the same time, when she joins a friend along the trail who offers her a soda, she finds him she ca n't brin it because she shoul be violating the self-support rules.

rated it

and whereas most women would curl up and cry about it, Jill ecides to keep lookin.

rated it

We ’ re given fascinating views into the internal truggle and psychological influences that allow some people to brin their mind and body to the edge and actually achieve heightened awareness and ability that forever creates in them a craving to experience it again and again.

rated it

I disliked the personal details Jill included in his novel, though her use of similes is ... distracting is the nicest way I can ut it.

rated it

If you ant to ead the ook on inspiration and reaching your goals, this is always the one that you coul pick up.

I thought o bad initially for not having started on this sooner, since it 's a first-reads book, but I as n't ble to start it until about 3 onths after initially getting it due to the hard semester I 've bee.

In this way, I 'm also glad I did n't ead it during the semester when other things were on my mind, because agai I ould n't have been reluctan to ive it the consideration and thought it deserves.I have n't read many non-fiction novels, mostl because they do n't see to be written in a ery surprising way ( at least not the ones that I 've pulle up) but when I writ the summary for th nove it sounded interesting and so I was like, oka, let 's ive it hot.

After reading his essa, the only thought in my about that is " That ould be so awesome, I expect to do it, too! " I 've not loved biking but I 've someho been a serious athletic cyclist.

Another nove made me ant to see how far I 'd be willin to go on the Tour Divide.

I may have an imagination well-tuned for what I read in books, but it does take good ability to be unable to rite something the reader is capable of feeling along with he backstor ( s) of thi novel, and Jill Homer really nailed it in a memoi.

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