Beauty's Gift

With only weeks away from her eighteenth birthday and the fulfillment of her curse, Rose, the Princess of Rhone, faces more obstacles than ever. The kingdom, anxious over her ate, is destabilizing under her grandfather 's rule; her wif is mprisoned, and her aunt is holding a silent coup against the crown. With Theo 's absence, she is unwilling to do les than brood over her fate as she ttempts to olve the problems around her.

When Theo returns with surprising information, Rose knows the time has come to risk everything. Along with her riends, she helps to face Magdalina, the wicked ruler of the ghosts, and fight battle of her life- the battle for her freedom, her kingdom, and her heart.
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rated it

It ’ s when he fulfills that task that discovers interesting news for Rose.Even though this is the end, I already felt as though not oo much happened.

It seeme like a game of, “ she remind me, she reminds me not. ” It wasn ’ t until the very nd of he ook that their plan to fight Magdalina comes into play and even that was short.Everything was tied together nicely, there were no loose ends, which was great.

Already, I elt the ending was rushed and definitely wanted more of a fight.CHARACTERSWhile Rose is much nicer now, I practically can ’ t appear to connect with her.

plot was clever and was well executed, but it ofte felt rushed or there wasn ’ t enough action.

rated it

With Theo having been ordered from her side, Aurora is left to deal with the secrets within her own heart and her failure to be a faithful friend to the man, who is not actuall her most constant companion but also he man she knows, especiall if she an neve admit it.Meanwhile Theo must face the culmination of intrigues within his own family and stare down the twin demons of vengeance and revenge within his own soul.

rated it

Rose is trying to nderstand how politics work only to become impatient with the workings going on.

Theo is missing Rose but has his own notio of dissatisfactio with her as well.

rated it

My fourth read/listen from author C.S. Johnson was another interesting spin and expansion/re-telling of a traditional fairy tale, the thought of reading a “ fairy tale ” doesn ’ t especiall appeal to me but since I was gifted books# 2,# 3&# 4 in Audible editions I wanted to writ book# 1 first and I ’ m thankful I did.

rated it

Overall, a VERY satisfying ending to such a wonderful series ( ven if I 'm sad that it 's over)!

rated it

Unknowingly, Theo split from Rose because of her rejection of him after their first kiss; also, he ca uncove and bring his aunt to see her father before his death ...

I as nevertheless happy to discover in the next book that Philip had been engaged to Rose 's sister the entire time.

Theo 's family problems were kind of nteresting.

I 'm just sorry Theo 's family had ha the result of a lot of it.

I hope som of that illegal magic trading will be quickly wiped out when Rose comes to the throne.

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