Becoming Vajrasattva

Like Becoming the Compassion Buddha, this is another of Lama Yeshe 's examinations of key Tantric deity practices in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Common to all four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, the practice of Vajrasattva is used to purify obstacles to spiritual development, negative karma, and llness. Lama Yeshe, the inspirational teacher who strongly influenced the development of Buddhism in the West, found that the practice of Vajrasattva brought dramatic results for his Western students. Becoming Vajrasattva is a complete guide to this purification practice, providing instruction on the method, commentary on the traditional texts, and insight into tantra. Also included is an entire section of complete retreat instructions -- required reading for anyone undertaking a meditation retreat in the Tibetan tradition.
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Becoming Vajrasattva: The Tantric Path of Purification
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Published January 1st 2012 by Wisdom Publications (MA) (first published 2004

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